The Hunters.Mature

This is the first book of two. In this book it tells of a boy and a girl. And their fight to stop the demons. The war is rising. Hell is being raised......
Warning: Each chapter is done from the perspective of one of the characters.


I was alone.

I was cold.

I was scared.

I felt my dagger. I heard the guards before I saw them. They were so noisey you could here them a mile away. I dropped out of the tree and ran into the brush and ducked into it. I watched the guards, they had black eyes and black teeth. "There she is! GET HER!"

Damn they found me! I stood up and threw the dagger at the guard and it went straight through his throat.  The other ran at me and raised his spear. I ran closer to him and kneed him where it counts. He howled in pain and doubled over. His face was at my knee level so I kneed him in the face and hit the back of his neck in the correct spot that it would break his neck. I heard a snap. I saw more guard and I ran.......

Now you have to under stand, being a hand maiden of a Goddess is pretty cool, especially if that Goddess is Artemis. As I ran I heard wolves coming after me. I knew exactly who they were, wolves of Lupa, a Roman Goddess. Romulus and Remus were at the head of the pack, their eyes glintly hungrily. While I was running I turned around, and there he was, Romulus standing there with his bow and arrow pointed at my heart. Remus came up behind him and sprang at me, I fell to the ground with a 100 pound wolf on top of my chest.

"Time is up little hunter-" He said.

"Never. Call. Me. Little!" I yelled and stabbed him in the heart with my silver arrow. As he disappeared and his brother watched I ran to the camp. To the Goddess..

The End

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