The HuntersMature

A day in the life of four vampire hunters.

                I observed our prisoner wince in pain as Vlad threw yet another punch at his face. Sitting in a chair with his hands bound, he was helpless, in spite of his superhuman abilities.

                “I’ll ask again,” said Vlad. “Where are Nico and Cheng?”

                “Fuck you,” the man said in response. This only succeeded in making Vlad angrier. He threw another punch at the man’s face, hitting his already swollen eye. The man hissed and bared his fangs in response.

                “We can keep this up all night, suckhead,” I said to him. This can go by much faster if you just tell us where they are.”

                “Like I said,” said the man. “Fuck… you…”

                “You’d best say something to him,” said Vlad. “John is slightly more forgiving than I am.” The vampire responded by spitting in Vlad’s face. Vlad calmly wiped it away, then grasped the man’s hair and tore a chunk of it away.

                “Fuck!” he shouted in pain.

                “I think it’s time for more drastic measures,” said Vlad. I nodded to him. Reaching into his toolbox, he pulled out a pair of pliers.

                “Ooh, what’ll you do with those?” the vampire asked in a mocking tone. “Pinch my skin?”

                “Oh no,” I said. “No, we’ll do much worse than that.”

                “Open wide,” said Vlad. Without waiting for a response, he grabbed the vampire’s jaw, reached in with his pliers, grasped a fang, and after a few seconds of pulling, ripped it out. The vampire screamed in agony.


                “Yeah yeah, keep bitching, you fuckin’ Dracula wannabe,” I said to him.

                “Hehe, these are a little bit more sentimental, aren’t they?” Vlad said, rolling the fang around in his hand.

                “Talk now, or he’ll rip out the other one,” I said. The vampire just sat there, head down, blood seeping from between his lips.

                “Alright then,” I said. “Do it.”

                “WAIT! ALRIGHT, I’LL TELL YOU!” the vampire said, his tone having switched to fear.  “They’re in a warehouse on the other side of town, on Kennedy Street, can’t miss the place.”

                “That’s it?” I asked.

                “They’ll be in a meat locker. At least a dozen guards.”

                “Thank you for that most valuable information,” said Vlad.

                “So… can I go now?” the vampire asked. “No hard feelings?” Vlad simply looked at him, a calm yet menacing disposition expressed on his face.

                “Fuck no,” said Vlad. “Now we rip out the other one anyway.” As he went to reach for the vampire’s jaw, I grasped his hand.

                “He’s told us where to find them, we’re done here,” I said to him. Vlad didn’t seem to agree.

                Looking into the eyes of my closest friend, I could see nothing but pure rage, an unequaled fury he had held towards these creatures for as long as I could remember. 

                With one hand still clutching Vlad’s wrist, I used my other hand to reach for my knife. In one swift motion, I stabbed the vampire in the forehead. He screamed, then went quiet, and the flesh and bone around my silver knife crumbled to ashes. I let go of his wrist.

                “They get off on torture,” I said, gesturing towards the ashes. “We use it for practicality, and when we have what we need, we’re finished. We won’t turn in to psychopaths.”

                With a blink of his eyes, the rage was replaced by his usual grim demeanour.

                “Let’s go then,” Vlad said.

                With that, we turned away from the vampire’s ashes, walked outside, jumped in the SUV, and drove off towards the location.

The End

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