The Hunter Virus

This is just the preface of a story I'm beginning to write. Its about a college girl who gets turned into a vampire through a virus that is forcibly shot into her skin at a party. My ideas about the main plot so far is generally about her struggle to come to terms with what she is, and how she prevents the same fate from coming to others/


I’d always lived my life fearing death. It was never a fear that I was actually conscious of, but it was always there in the back of my mind - the panic button awaiting the moment when I realised that the end was near. Its a very human thing to fear death, and I think that the very same button is built into every human being. Sure, there are people in the world who have committed suicide, but I don’t think thats valid evidence for me to give up on my theory. Deep down, nobody wants to die, even the supposed suicidal people of the world. What people really want is to escape. To escape what they may have done, any problems they face or even people. Death is an escape. Death is the easiest escape of them all, especially for beings as fragile as humans.

One slide of a knife against the fragile walls of a vein, all you need to do is let enough blood trickle down your arm, or neck, whatever is your personal preference. Perhaps an injection of a volatile substance into the bloodstream, let the foreign beings surge around your body and corrupt everything they come across. Or, if your in the mood for being really theatrical, tie a knot in the loop and hang for all to see, as you loose all color from your face and deprive yourself of sweet, sweet oxygen. That’ll be an interesting story for people to tell. Even when you die, you live on. Whether it be through word of mouth, peoples memories, or that shiny epitaph carved into your marble grave. You don’t die you escape.

I was eighteen when I first longed for death, not for an escape, but for death. I wanted to cease to exist in every aspect of the phrase. My existence went against the very laws of nature - what I was, or rather, what I had become. All it took was the hook of a needle to be placed into my skin, the surge of a virus so deadly that it threatened human kind to run through my veins. Then I was a different species. The deadliest of species. The very top of every food chain that could be put together. 

Its hard to fight what you are. Its easy to change the person you are. But no matter how nice you try to be, no mater how many lives you save, you can never stop being what you are. Welcome to my world. Welcome, to the world of The Hunter.

The End

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