Chapter Seven


Damien stared at the wound for more than a minute. He’d forgotten the pain over the surprise. He just stared at it, expressionless. He didn’t blink and he hardly even breathed.

“Damien? What’s-” The Goddess had noticed the wound. Blood started dripping out of it. The crimson droplets seemed to be dripping in slow motion. They splattered on the floor, creating a distinctive sound that ripped Damien apart inside. He knew that he had to be dying, because he felt like he was flying. He was leaving his body; he had no hate, no feelings of fear or evil; just fulfilment. He’d lived his life in a way that no one else could. He could see light flash out of him in random parts of his body, as if they were breaking their way through his skin from inside him. They were golden lights, and they were hard to look at. He felt completely pure.

But he wasn’t dying.

Damien looked toward The Goddess, and she was running her fingers along the air that surrounded his body. She was resurrecting him before he had even died.

After a while, she was finished. Damien felt completely perfect, and The Goddess –as always—looked completely perfect; not a hair out of place. She looked exasperated though, but still beautiful.

“Who did this to me?” Damien asked. The Goddess shrugged,

“I really don’t know who would want to do it. Probably a vampire.” She replied breathlessly. Damien squinted his blue eyes for a second, and thought. She was probably right; vampires were known for travelling in pack bigger than the one he defeated last night, and some were probably hiding in the bushes.

“We need to go back to the graveyard tonight. If the vampire that did this is there, then I’ll know who it is.” Damien said. His spells had limitless power, and he had limitless spells, and he knew the exact right one for this. He moved his hand over his face, and his eyes turned jade-green. Whoever had evil or hurtful feelings toward Damien would now bee seen in red by him.


They set off a few minutes after. Damien took his Preneur, a knife, a wooden stake and both his swords. He was completely prepared. All The Goddess needed was herself. Her magic was the only thing that could beat anything.

They ran through the woods again. A normal human wouldn’t be able to see through the darkness, but neither The Goddess nor Damien were normal humans. In fact, they were inhuman…

The speed they used turned them into colourful blurs, moving from one place to another in a split second, as if teleporting from one side of the lane to another, always running insanely quickly.

Soon enough, they were behind the same tombstone as before, listening into a conversation between two vampires.

“Is he cold?” one of them asked quietly in a velvet voice.

“He should be. I shot him in the heart. Even if he’s a wizard, he’d have to be a god to magic that away.” The other replied. The one who shot Damien.

“Good. No more complications, then. Now, we can continue the mi-” He was cut off by Damien, who had gotten the nod of approval from The Goddess to attack. In the blink of an eye, the vampire’s head was on the other side of the graveyard whilst the body was still stood up. It slowly slumped to the floor. Damien looked down at the body expressionlessly, and with the same expressionless look, he looked up at the other. His face didn’t change. But the vampire’s did. It took form of a demonic, feral face, with yellow eyes and huge fangs. Damien found it hard to keep his expressionless face and he punched a hole through the vamp’s face.

“They shouldn’t bother us anymore.” He called to The Goddess.

The End

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