Chapter Six


Though flames were licking around his fists, he didn’t feel anything. He stared at his hands, frowning. Why wasn’t this hurting? he thought. The flames were the usual orangey-yellow colour, so they weren’t magical, but still, no pain. Was there something wrong with him?

He put the sword down on the floor, and instead of the flames going with it, they rose up his forearm. He yelped, surprised rather than burnt. The flames were rising up my body. They weren’t burning the cloak, but that was because of a spell he’d put on it before.

“You’re controlling the fourth element! Well done, Damien!” The Goddess said as she walked in. Damien realised she was right. He decided to direct the fire down to just his clenched fists. He smiled, running out into the garden. He pointed his fiery fist toward a training dummy that he had made, and lunged. The fire flew from his hand, roaring as it went. He heard a burning sound as it hit the wood. Lights and fire flickered around, creating a beautiful array of colours. But it was dangerous. He opened his hand, and the fire on the dummy grew, roaring louder. When he clenched his fist, it shrunk, and as he pulled his fist back to his chest, the flames flew willingly and obediently back to him.

Damien had trained with fire powers before, just never had he been able to create fire.

“Does this mean I’ll learn the other elements soon?” he said, but The Goddess was surprised at his knowledge of how to use the power. He laughed.

“You didn’t think I’d not learn how to use something that I’ve always wanted but never thought I’d get, did you?” he said, smirking, though she couldn’t see it under his hood. She shrugged.

“I guess that’s fair.” She smiled as well. “And yes, you will be practising the elements. All of them.” Damien got giddy.

Flames grew.

Lights flashed.

The garden was on fire.


“Hol-um, oh…crap…?” He was careful not to say holy crap in front of a Goddess…

Damien clenched his fist, and smashed it into his chest. The fire rose from the ground in a huge ball, tongues of flame nearly licking the ground again. Then he realised what he had done wrong.

The huge ball of fire flew at him like a missile.


He was out cold. Darkness and a burning sensation were his only company. He groaned, grunted and moaned. He rolled around but nothing worked. The burning was too much.

When he felt nothing or couldn’t move or do anything, he thought he was dead.

He wasn’t. After a while, Damien felt that he was able to move, to hear things.

“Damien? Are you awake?” he heard The Goddess ask.

“Yuh-yeah.” He replied shakily. He gasped. The pain hadn’t ceased.

“Ah! Burning! Help!” he shrieked.  He opened my eyes to find that the fire had gone. Then what was burning.

He felt around his body, exploring his old scars, and found a new one. A deep hole that was bleeding. That was where the burning was coming from.

But it was a bullet that had created the pain…

The End

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