Chapter Five


They ran through the woods, being stealthy and silent. Assassins in the dark…

They ran with such a speed that they were a blur, and there footsteps sounded like a muffled drum-roll. Their grace was impeccable, and they seemed to move out of the way of trees and rocks without moving at all; as if they hadn’t even been in the way before.

They skidded to a halt in the graveyard. Without even stopping for a second, they were behind a tall gravestone, looking at each other. Damien was dirty from the knees down, but –of course, The Goddess was perfectly clean and beautiful.

The Goddess nodded slightly. A sign, signalling Damien to attack. He nodded back, and jumped over the tombstone and had his arm around  a vampire’s neck within that second. It seemed like he started moving before he even tore the head off. He went from vampire to vampire. He seemed to run with inhuman speed one second, invisible with quickness, and then the next second, he was running normally on the other side of the graveyard.

After half a minute, the job was done, and Damien had his head bowed and his sword sheathed.

“I told you that you could do it using your sword instead of magic.” The Goddess exclaimed, smiling gleefully. Damien rolled his eyes, walking on.

“Do we have any more vermin to destroy?” he said as he was enclosed in the bushes. They scratched at him, so he used magic to make them just float right through him, as if he was there, but not physically. The Goddess was gliding behind him, looking down at the dirty, dusty ground.

“You remember how to track…them?” The Goddess asked.

“Yes…” Damien sniffed, calculating the particles in the air to tell if any of them were other-worldly. There were three lots; Damien, The Goddess, and the Bogart that was hiding in the bushes. Damien laughed and got out a special weapon. It was a long pole with a slit going through it. He lunged with it, and another thinner pole flew out of the slit. It had a glowing net on the end. The Bogart flew into it, and a ball of light ran down the poles.

“Good use of the Preneur.” The Goddess approved, smiling a beautiful smile. Damien nodded in return, trying not to make it too obvious that he loved her. Everyone loved her. It was nature.

Damien ran with an inhuman speed, his cloak billowing out behind him, gusts of wind flowing out from under it. Wind whisked through his body, almost blowing his hood off. He held his hand on his hood as if it were a hat in the wind.


They ended up back at The Goddess’ cottage. Damien was sitting on the leather settee, admiring The Sword of Allumage. He ran his fingers across the blade again. It was smooth and impeccable; there were not lumps bumps or ridges except for the markings. It was perfect, and even though he’d slain vampire after vampire after Bogart that night with that sword, there were no stains at all. It looked completely new.

 Suddenly, it set alight…

The End

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