Chapter Three



“D-dad?” Damien Jr. stuttered. He was almost speechless. Tears were in both of the men’s eyes. Junior charged at his dad, tackling him to the ground. His dad laughed and hugged him back tightly.

“Junior! I thought I’d never see you again!” Damien Sr. exclaimed with joy.

“Sorry to interrupt this; it’s very normal, and expected, but we need to be starting…now!” The Goddess said kindly.


They started to train. Damien Sr. trained Junior the proper way to use his sword, whereas before, Junior barely knew any proper official moves. He just blocked any blow that came his way in any way he could…before he became a wizard.

“You’re doing well, Son. I expected that.” Damien Sr. stated when they had been training for seven hours whilst they were having a break. “I’m really proud of you.”

Junior smiled at that. He was euphoric to finally get his fathers approval in something that he did. Maybe it was because he had been to Heaven or something… Junior thought.


The Goddess had left them to do their business, but in a flash, she was back, with a special sword. It was a Mithrodin sword. It looked beautiful; the blade was curved slightly, and it had carvings in it too; they looked like symbols from a different time. The hilt was cobalt blue and it looked like it was glowing. It looked very efficient, and there were golden etchings on the hilt too; they were in a different language. Armure.

Armour. This was for protection. She walked over to Junior, holding the hilt in her right palm, and the middle of the blade in her other.

“This is to be blessed by your father. He will give it to you, thus giving you the power in your spells that you may need on our future journey.” She explained. She turned and placed the sword in Damien Sr.’s palms. He held it the same way as she did.

Servir, Proteger et Surmonter.” He uttered the French words quietly, as if he was whispering to the sword. Then, the sword glowed for a second, and then the blue glow died down. Damien Sr. walked slowly over to Junior, holding the sword carefully yet gracefully. He gave it to Junior, and when he took it, he felt purity and light enter him at once; making his soul grow to the shape of brilliance and good. He breathed heavily. When he opened his eyes, he expected to be glowing, or at least shining or something, but the only thing doing that was the sword. It was reflecting beams of rainbow coloured light off of every inch of the blade.

The lights went when it was finished. He decided to test it out. He held it like he would any sword, but what it did was different. Blue lightning started to crackle around his hand and the hilt of the sword, forming a sphere of lightning around it. He knew what this was.

“The Sword of Allumage? That’s a myth!” Junior exclaimed, wide eyed. Damien Sr. laughed, and the Goddess smiled, shifting her face into something more beautiful than before.

Junior knew exactly what this sword could do, and he knew how to use it. He swung the sword down as if pointing a wand or something, and electricity and lightning flew out of it in a ball. Lighter coloured electricity was flowing behind it like fire.

“This sword was made for you. Your hand fits it perfectly, and only you can…activate it.” The Goddess said quietly, in a voice that sounded like she was reading a poem.

“Thank you! I love this!” Junior exclaimed, running his hand along the blade.

The End

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