Chapter Two


The woman took Damien from the tavern, guiding him by pulling him gently along behind her. She was almost floating. Her walked was flowing and graceful, as if her feet weren’t moving, rather she was standing on a moving ground.

Damien wasn’t so graceful…

He tripped on almost every step he took. Maybe the Goddess was moving too fast.

“Where are we going?” he asked, his voice smooth instead of gruff.

“We are going to enter the realm of the light. That will be your personal training area.” She replied, her voice hypnotising.

Damien still had his hood on. He didn’t like to show his face, because he thought that to show his face would be to show his humanity; his weakness. Under his cloak, he wore the usual clothing for a peasant in the Eighteenth Century. His shoes were worn but comfortable; his trousers were brown and baggy, and you could barely see the top. Within the darkness of his cloak, you could just about see the blade of a sword that had a picture of an ancient Chinese drawing of a dragon etched into it. The carving glowed blue, as if it was made of sapphire. What you couldn’t see was the elegant hilt. It had a basket-hilt that had emeralds dotted around in random places along the hilt.

Damien rarely needed to use it. He had powers, powers that could create a blue light around his hand if he clenched his fist hard enough; power that was strong enough to kill a man. The sheer force of his energy was stronger than the gravitational pull that kept everyone on the Earth from floating.

He kept the sword because it was a gift from his father, the late Damien O’Conner Sr. Whenever Damien Jr. thought of his father, he couldn’t help the nostalgia or the memories, but he tried. He didn’t like to remember that he will never see his father again.


The Goddess took Damien to a shimmering gold light that was hovering in the air in a dark alleyway. The light was just a little glow; hardly noticeable if you were just passing by the alleyway.

“I permit entrance.” The Goddess said simply, with no emotion, as if it were a line she had practiced. The light grew, and it showed a field with flowers dotted around the grass. A tree stood to the left with red apples growing. It was all very vivid and beautiful. There was a pillow next to the tree.

The scene was framed by the same glowing light as before. Damien remembered this scene. This was his perfect reality.

“What do you see, Damien?” The Goddess asked in her sing-song voice.

“A field, with an apple tree…And hills, and flowers, and…Dad?” he said as different things started to pop up as he was speaking. Damien’s body became rigid.

“Your father? He was a great man. He is well known among the Gods and Goddesses. He is the trainer of the gods. He is who will be training you. You may enter the dimension.” She said. Damien nodded as he slowly stepped toward the scene. The Goddess followed elegantly.

When he entered the dimension, he was hit with warmth that was so nice that he almost sighed with pleasure. He smelt honeysuckle, chocolate, and a different smell that was too beautiful to compare to something else; there was no such smell.

“Son? Junior?! Junior!” Damien Sr. said gleefully. His face lit up.

“Damien Sr., you shall start training your son immediately. He is ready.”

The End

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