The Hunter of the Night

"You must become a Hunter of the Night. You must help me in my mission to eradicate the evil beings from this world."
Damien, a warlock with powers of energy and spells. He is chosen to diminish the evil beings from the world that torment the humans who inhabit it.
But will his task be done, or will he not succeed?

A hooded figure entered a tavern on the sixth day of the sixth month at six o’clock. His face was shrouded in the shadow of the dark hood he wore. The rest of his cloak flowed behind him, moving with the wind gracefully. He walked straight up to the bar.

“A pint, please barman.” He said politely, in a forced voice. It was angelic yet gruff at the same time.

“Coming up…” the bald barman replied edgily. He turned towards the rows of tankards. He picked one up, filled it with golden beer and handed it to the hooded man, who paid him.

He took his drink to the farthest corner of the building. He sat alone, occasionally sipping from the tankard. He was waiting for someone.


He didn’t wait for long


Darkness erupted, creating fear in the dirty air. A white figure flowed gracefully through the doors. A light shone out of the figure, as if her heart was the sun. She had a beautiful face, which was pale, and hair only a shade darker. The only true colour that stood out on her face was her brilliant blue eyes. She seemed to smile at everyone.

When she got to the hooded man, he was leaning back, as if he had been bored. The woman sat down slowly.

Suddenly, the darkness disappeared, and everyone’s awed faces were clear.

“I have found you, Damien.” Her voice was lyrical, like a peal of bells. It was as harmonious as a harp.

“Yes, blessed one. What do you need?” he replied as if the woman was threatening him.

“There is no need to fear me, Damien. I am a messenger of the good. We do not take pleasure in pain, and we rarely inflict it.” She assured him. He nodded.

“Yes, Goddess.” Damien replied. She smiled.

“Though, I do need something.”

“Anything? How can I serve you?”

“I need your…abilities. You must become a Hunter of the Night. You must help me in my mission to eradicate the evil beings from this world. Will you do that?” she said dreamily. Damien nodded.

“Of course, mistress.” He said.

The End

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