The Hunter

The music blasted through the speakers, moving the floor beneath my feet. All I could see were the bodies that surrounded me, trapping me as the music coursed through them. They seemed to be closing in around me. Closer and closer, dancing to the fast beat. Maybe it was the fear and strong sense of foreboding that rolled through my body, or maybe I was right to think that it was their heavy weight that made me stumble. The voices echoed through my mind, creating the sharp pain that signals the start of yet another unrelenting migraine. It let me know he was here.

I anxiously started to push my way through the mass of people. Why did I even come here? I should have known he'd find me no matter where I went. Reaching the edge of the crowd, the voices in my mind grew louder and louder until they were almost unbearable. I had to get out.
That's when I started to run. Dodging around everyone in sight. I was standing in front of the worn back door in a matter of minutes.The voices were starting to quieten slightly now but after pausing a few seconds I felt them start to build up again. I winced in pain. Taking a calming breath, I forced myself to continue through the door. It was my only chance to get out before he would be upon me.
I propelled myself towards the door. It flew open. The loud crash echoed against the concrete walls of the alleyway. Walking quickly towards the street, I peered around cautiously and heard the alarming crunch of gravel coming from behind me. I whipped around. My hands and arms flailing in an attempt to defend myself. My hands connected with a sturdy figure.

The figure grabbed my wrists. His fingertips digging painfully into me, leaving my wrist dotted with red marks that would turn to bruises by tomorrow. He yanked my arms upwards, pulling them away from our bodies. The next thing I knew, I was enclosed in a tight hug by the stranger, his arms wrapped around me protectively. I sucked in a breath as I looked up at him.

"What are you doing here, Blake?" I whispered, gazing happily into his deep blue eyes. He brushed the wisps of hair lightly from my face as he smiled down at me.

Then the voices started back up, piercing through my mind. Within the blink of an eye the happiness I had felt disappeared into the abyss. He was getting closer. Whipping my head around, I surveyed the alleyway for the fastest exit. Grabbing Blake's hand, I once again started into a sprint. I soon let go of him, desperately needing to get away from the building. I just hoped Blake was capable of keeping up.

Feeling the switch from concrete to grass beneath my feet as I raced through the gates of the park. Sure, it wasn't the most original place to go, but at least it had less people. Less voices that seemed to find me no matter how far I ran.

I felt a smile come to my lips as the voices fled from my mind. Stopping, I spun around to tell Blake what had happened. He wasn't there. Running to the gate, I squinted at the club, trying to see what was happening. I felt my knees turn to jelly, barely holding me up as I watched the scene before me. Blake was sprawled on the ground, four men dressed in black suits stationed around him.

His scream slashed through the music pumping from the club, through the car alarms going off down the block and sent my heart shattering into a million pieces. I didn't realise I was crying until I felt the tears slip slowly down my cheek. A man strolled contentedly out of the club and smirked down at Blake's unmoving body. His black eyes connected with my violet ones.  A triumphant smile quickly spread across his face.

The hunter, I thought. Why did he do it? Why did he take away the only person I had left? These were stupid questions to ponder of course. I knew why he did these things, it was his job to make me hurt more and more. To make me feel so alone that I would give in to their demands of experimenting on me. To let them recreate the power that I have hidden for so long. Well he was wrong. Now all I craved was the sweet taste of revenge. I released my tight grip on the iron bars of the gate and scampered across the park. He had found me.

The End

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