The Hunted

the world is changing. The climate is changing, migration pattersn are changing, PEOPLE are changing. these people are considered dangerous by The Company(aka THEM), the only ones who are aware of their existence. yet if these changed people come forward, no one knows how they wil be treated: will the world welcome them, or will it become the Company's playground, made easy by "concerned citizens"?

Present Day

Kitchener, On, Canada


Grace, normally the calm one, was pacing again, back and forth, along the length of the tractor trailer. From where he sat on the couch, the only elevated piece of furniture in the place, Jesse could tell she was nervous- you don't have to be a mind reader to know that. Heck, you didn't even need to be one of them to know that: sitting in the back of a tractor trailer filled with sleeping pallets, a collapsible camping stove, and a couch set against the far end with only a flashlight to illumiate the gloom could get on anyone's nerves.

"What's wrong now?" he asked at last, "They'll be back soon, and Gail and Steve will be with them."

Grace whirled on him, stopping in the middle of the trailer. "What's wrong!" she exploded, "I can't find him! That's what's wrong. I can't find Steve anywhere!" she sobbed as she crossed to the couch and collapsed beside him.

Jessie wrapped an arm around his younger sister, "Maybe it's a bad connection. Can you find the others?"

Grace nodded, "Yeah, they're at the market. And it looks like they split up, but I can't get an eye on Steven. Anywhere!"

"Maybe they're looking for him," Jesse suggested.

Grace just shook her head, "I don't know."

Jesse looked down at his younger sister. At fourteen, Grace was tiny with a pale complexion framed by black, curly hair. The result being that she looked fragile, and the others were extremely careful when dealing with her, being protective and often leaving her behind with someone else while the others went on raids. Whenever even one of them was gone, Grace would use her ability to find them to make sure they were ok and weren't captured. Now she was trembling with fear because she could find everyone but her boyfriend Steve.

"You need to calm down," Jesse suggested after a moment of silence, "maybe you're skipping over him because you're so worried about him in particular." That Steve kid was dead when he got back. Where did Fly-boy think he got off making Jesse's little sister worried sick and on the verge of doing something crazy? Jesse had never really liked the guy, but Grace did and for her sake he had never confronted the twerp. The poor girl had been through enough already; their dad had left when she was five, and Mom had died not three years ago in the brutalist of manners. She didn't need a boyfriend of four months putting her through this.

Grace shook her head, "No, I'm not skipping him. My ability doesn't work like that. I can't miss him. He's just... not there" She looked up at Jesse, her green eyes filled with worry and fear, just the like the emotions he was reading off of her. His eyes narrowed, there was something else there, something she wasn't telling him, it was faint, but it was definitely a part of the problem. He cocked his head to one side as he tried to delve into her mind to find out what it was.

Abruptly, Grace lept off the couch, whirling on him in anger. "Get out of my head," she snarled. At the same time, Jessie's conciousness ran into a wall thicker than the doors to a nuclear waste storage chamber. He winced at the sudden headache from the head-on collision. Massaging his temples, Jesse ruefully remembered his sister's unique gift of telling when he was in her head, even if it was just the surface of her thoughts, and her successful wall of sheer will power of not wanting him in her head that had no weaknesses to penetrate.

He looked at her, stood up, and sighed, "What's really bothering you Grace?" Things weren't adding up. It made sense that Grace would be upset that she couldn't find someone, but she definitely wouldn't block him out because of it, especially since he could help figure out what was going on when they joined thoughts as Grace looked for someone. This was different, something else was a play here. And it scared Grace.

He wrapped his arms around her in a brotherly hug. "You can tell me, Petite," he continued.

In his arms, Grace visibly slumped as she let him calm her down, her tensed body relaxing as she clung to her brother. It took a few minutes for her heart beat to slow and her breathing to even out. Slowly, she looked up into her  brother's blue eyes, her mental sheild still frustratingly in place. "When  I try to find Steven," she began, "I do see things. But it's not him," her voice dropped to a whisper, "It's not him at all."

"What do you mean?" Jesse was concerned now. If she saw someone who wasn't Steve when she thought of him,  what had happened to HIM then? Had the Trackers caught him and broguht him to THEM? THEY wouldn't waste anytime turning him to THEIR side, THEY needed all the help THEY could get to bring allof them in. Had they succeeded? Was Steve now turned? If he was, then THEY were already on their way here! He tried to delve into Grace's mind, looking for answers, but the wall still stood resolute- his sister was learning.

Grace shook her head, "I think of Gail and I find Gail. I think of Rob, Josh, or Beth and can find them. But when i think of Steven, I don't find him, I end up looking at someone else." She hesitated before continuing, "I find HIM," she looked back at Jesse, "I find Nightmare Man. And when I think of him," she leaned into him, and her voice became a whisper, "He can see me."

The trailer was suddenly filled with light as the big doors were opened swiftly. Grace's scream of terror filled the air before being cutoff as the door swung shut, plunging the trailer into darkness.

The End

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