The Hunted - Tigress Prologue

Tigress - Part 1 of 4.
Four supposedly normal teenagers discover that they each have a unigue gift. But they're not alone, they are being hunted, one by one.

It was dusk and it was silent. The forest should have been full of sound but that was all fading like a bad dream the colours draining from what I could see of the sky. I lay on my front my senses on edge.
The wind blew gently disturbing the dead leaves on the floor and the orange ones hanging on gnarled branches causing my eyes to glance upwards. They were close I could taste their scent on the breeze. I pressed myself closer to the damp earth, tensing my muscles keeping my senses heightened. The tall grass brushed against my face.
Good, that means I’m invisible.
A movement caught my eye. I remained still keeping my breathing even and focusing my mind, pushing away any distractions. I could hear their hearts banging uncontrollably against their ribs almost felt the warm blood in their veins on my tongue. I listened and calculated about four or five of them, and then they appeared, as if out of nowhere. I studied them carefully. Three were male, one a dark skinned man was stood at the front, and he seemed more at ease with the circumstances. The woman looked petrified. I work well with fear. Each of them were holding a custom made rifle, a pointless fact to consider, they’d never get a chance to fire them. I bit back a laugh at their idiocy; they had made so many mistakes already.
Here they come.
They stalked forwards; I could see sweat beading on their foreheads due to the humidity, or fear? Both probably, their eyes were wide and movements hesitant. They were inches away now they were stood right above me. Time to forget they are humans, they are prey. Attack and kill attack and kill attack and kill. Focus, find the moment find it.
The wind stopped as if it was holding its breath as if the earth was waiting with me. Suddenly a flock of birds exploded from a nearby tree causing the hunters to start and turn.
I found the moment.
Attack and kill.
The End

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