The hunted to be prey.

Running through branches and brambles he kept going, it would at least slow them down. He thought fast to find a way of escape, but found nothing. He knew these woods well, and they were good hunting grounds, which was the reason he had been here in the first place.

Letting his senses guide him, he forced his mind and emotions to calm down to a standstill. "I have to find a way to escape" he thought,  but his intuition made him feel uneasy, so he kept thinking "first thing, who am I escaping from? The pack of dogs." But then a thought hit him, "the dogs are not the real worry, the hunters on their horses are the ones who finish off the prey, and they are in control of the dogs.  What are hunters afraid of? Nothing..." But his intuition nagged him, "...there are no animals which hunters are afraid of... no animals they wouldn't kill..." then he realized, that "yes there are no animals hunters are afraid of, but there are animals hunters don't kill".

The End

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