Gone with the wind.

Don't panic, don't panic. Remember last time. Remember what happened. The hounds drove you right to the hunter. Stop and listen. You have to know how many. Stop right here. Point your ears over there, and there, and over there. Watch out for any movement. Eight dogs in a line. Faster barks on that end of the line. Those ones are closer.

Where am I? There's a clearing down by the slow barkers, a stream up by the fast barkers. Instinct says head for the clearing to outrun them, but remember last time. The hunter was in the clearing. There's thicker underbrush near the stream. It could slow the dogs down. Decision made. Hoofed haunches launch you into a dead run towards that fast-barking end dog. You may have to fight him if you cut it too close. Be ready to use your antlers. If more than a couple of dogs converge on you, you're done.

The End

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