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10 - The Rain

Tina looked up at the sky, just as she did the sky crackled and thundered and rain drops started trickling down her face. "Oh great" Alex was frustrated as it was and the rain did not further help matters. She was tired from all the walking as was her friend Daniella, since seven in the morning all it seemed she had done was walk and run away from things she didn't understand. She looked at her watch and It read '10:00'. They had been walking for an hour and a half and her knees were beginning to grow weak, it didn't help that just a few hours ago they had walked several miles and shortly afterwards were running away from a bunch of bloodthirsty mercenaries.
"Quit your whining" Tina replied to Alex's remark about the rain.
"I know your families been kidnapped Tina but there's no need to keep on talking to me like this" Alex told Tina.
"Sorry, just ignore me, im in an angry mood as you can tell" Tina replied. Walking from the Hull arena an hour and a half ago, Tina and the other two girls had walked to the Hull fare, through the crowd of people, and out the other side, climbing over someone's garden fence and passing by the side of the house, that was an hour ago.
Since then they had walked countless streets, through numerous gardens, people had given them strange looks, they had been shouted at by angry home-owners, barked at by territorial dogs and even accused of attempting to steal some garden gnomes. The sky had threatened them numerous times with loud drums of thunder. This time however, walking down another street, all of which looked the same, the thunders threat had become a reality. "Arr! Now my hair's going to get all wet and it'll be ruined, I spent ages on my hair this morning" Daniella spoke. Tina looked at Daniella.
"You've been quiet, what have you been thinking about?"
"Oh, everything, just everything." Daniella replied.
"As in what?"
"Oh, things that have happened today, how we didn't notice anything weird about anyone involved in today's events, or maybe it's just your fringe that's set this all off, I don't know"
"What do you mean my fringe that's set it all off?"
"I mean maybe it's your fringe that's changed everyone, maybe that's why Mike keeps being referred to as the bosmanator, it's using your brain to set us up a scenario where we understand it, it was only us girls that called him that, we were the only people that knew he was called 'the bosmanator'"
"That's an interesting theory, to be honest its the best one I've heard all day, and doesn't it make you think what happened in all the time that we were sleeping this morning? Like how did Tim get it from me without me noticing, how did Sue and Michael get involved, that is, considering that they were never involved before all this happened"
"Yeah see, that's what I was..." Daniella's word's were cut short, she darted her head and shifted her gaze to a figure walking down the road. "What? What is it Daniella?" Alex asked, who was listening intently to their conversation.
"That man, over there, is that the bosm... I mean is that Michael?" Daniella said, eyes following the figure as if her eyes gaze was screwed down to the figure.
She started walking towards the strange figure in the distance, which was stood under a lamp-post standing in its light, the rain hitting him and bouncing off into smaller droplets, he was looking over at the girls.
"Daniella wait" Daniella was stopped in her tracks by the voice of Tina, she looked around at her "What, why?" She asked.
"You don't know what he could do to you, he sent those men after us you really think he just wants to chat with us?" Tina replied.
"I'm willing to take that chance, why would he come to us, maybe he's here to negotiate, you should stay here if anything happens" Daniella said. Tina looked over at Daniella, she gave her an uneasy look to suggest she didn't like the idea of Daniella's idea. "Look Tina, I'll be fine, trust me, something tells me nothings going to happen, I guess that's the fringe's doing" She reassured Tina. Tina gave her the nod to tell her ok.
Daniella continued walking towards the figure, she was feeling scared and excited at the same time, could this be the end? Would this settle everything? Would everything be explained? Would all this finally be over?
She reached the figure, she felt like she was in the spotlight and the whole world was watching her, when in reality it was the light from the lamppost. Everything around her was dark. She got closer to the figure, sure enough it was as she had guessed, Michael was stood there with a smirk of relief on his face, happy to see she had come over. "Hello Daniella" He said.
"Erm... hi" She replied. Daniella wouldn't normally do things that made her nervous, such as going to the toilet by herself. This however was different, sure enough she was shitting herself with nerves, but something about it felt right, something told her that everything would be fine, it was like she had no choice in the matter. "Hello, I need to speak to you" He replied back.
"You need to speak to us? more like we need to speak to you, what's all this business with the fringe? Why have you sent men to kill us?" Daniella replied. Michael laughed, the kind of laugh that suggested she is misunderstanding something. "You don't know who I am do you?" He asked.
"I know your Michael Bosman, but everyone else is calling you the Bosmanator, something me and the girls came up with as a laugh, and now your just some crazy person who's going to extreme lengths to get his hands on this fringe that we know nothing about!" Daniella's patience was growing thin, something about this situation didn't feel right.
"You don't get it, im not Michael, it's me, Aaron, I'm here to help you" The figure told her. Daniella looked over at the girls, she could only just see them in the dim moonlight shadowing them from behind. Then she looked back at Aaron, he was stood there emotionless in his face, waiting for a reply. She could hear several footsteps behind her, she turned around and saw that Tina and Alex were making their way towards Daniella, worried that something was wrong. "Are you alright Daniella?" Alex said, Tina and Alex were close to Daniella as if to say 'touch her and die'. "Yeah im ok don't worry, its not Michael, its Aaron!" Daniella replied.
"Aaron? What?" Tina asked.
"Mike's twin brother, you know, he has an identical twin"
"Oh yeah" Tina said, remembering everything Mike had said about the fact that he has an identical twin as if it was the best thing in the world "What do you want Aaron? We've gone through enough shit today for something else to screw with us"
"I'm not here to hurt you, im here to help you" Aaron replied.
"oh yeah? How do we know your not telling the truth?" Tina replied.
"You don't but if you just let me help you maybe that can convince you enough" Aaron replied. Tina looked away from Aaron and towards Alex, she was thinking about their options, she no longer felt like she was being guided anywhere by some 'mystical force' so it was quite probable that she was being led towards Aaron. Maybe the fringe knew that he would help them, if anything it was their best option, now they had nowhere to go and they had no idea where they were. He was their only chance of getting her family back and getting home. "Fine"
"Fine what?" Aaron said.
"Fine I'll let you help me, but if you try anything so help me god I'll kick the crap out of you!"
"It's a good thing im here to help you then isn't it?" Aaron joked, using a familiar cheesy smile.
Tina shuddered at the thought of Michael, he was the one that had caused everything today, and he was going to pay. She looked grimly at Aaron. Realising what he had just provoked he stopped smiling and decided that he would make no more jokes. "so... what do we do now?" Alex asked Aaron, breaking the awkward silence from his joke. He opened his mouth to talk. Tina interrupted him. "Let's just get one thing clear, I don't trust you, and I doubt I ever will, don't for one second think that I'm going to be your friend, you may be helping us but your still related to that twat and that will always be a problem for us, right girls?" Tina had aggressively shouted this at Aaron, not giving him a chance to answer Alex. "Right?!" Tina insisted.
"Erm... yeah" Alex said nervously.
"Lead the way" Tina told Aaron, it was more of an order than a suggestion.
"Right, but it's quite a trek from here, wouldn't you rather take the bus?" Aaron asked innocently. Tina was stood glaring at him with evil eyes, her head was soaked from the rain and water was dripping from her face, giving her a more menacing pissed off look. "Erm..." Aaron said nervously. The sky crackled with thunder and the downpour got heavier. Aaron jumped with shock "I... haha... take that as a yes" He said with nervous laughter. Daniella went to comfort him.
"Don't worry she's just pissed off with, well, at everything, even me and Alex have been keeping our distance" She reassured him.
"Well yeah ha, I can't blame you I guess" Aaron said.
"What do you mean?" Daniella asked
"Well, her fringe goes missing then her family gets kidnapped, she's bound to be pissed off"
"How did you know about that?" Daniella's intriguing question had baited Tina in. She looked at Aaron with hateful intent, Aaron knew he would have some explaining to do.
"Ah, well, you see, that's a long story" Aaron replied.
"Tell us the short version" Tina demanded.
"Hmm, the short version? Well, its like this..."
Two minutes had passed, Aaron had explained how he had woken up today like it was any other day. Mike was acting weird, he was angry at something, or someone. When confronted he had told Aaron the he wanted Tina's fringe but Tim had already taken it. Aaron had laughed at this and was thus threatened by Michael whom was holding a gun demanding that Aaron help him. Reluctantly he had agreed, he had witnessed everything from the motorway incident to the mercenaries being given orders to find the girls. He had shortly thereafter escaped from Michael and wanted to help the girls.
"How did he know where to look?" Alex asked intriguingly.
"Sorry?" Aaron asked in returned.
"How did he know where to find us, after we ended up in Hull?" Alex asked impatiently.
"Oh, that's the fringe" Aaron and the girls had arrived at the bus stop and sat down in the bus shelter away from the rain. The girls all looked at Aaron waiting intently for him to speak. He looked around nervously then carried on. "It's..."
"Stuff this shit, I can't be arsed waiting for a bus" Tina interrupted Aaron again. She stood up and walked out the bus shelter into the pouring rain, and walked off as if nobody else existed. "Tina?! Tina where the hell are you going? You don't know where to go!" Daniella shouted after her, she got no response. Tina reached the end of the path and turned the corner until she was out of sight. Daniella went to run after her, but her coat was grasped from behind and she jolted backwards. "What the?" She said while turning her head to see who was pulling her, it was Alex. "What are you doing Alex?" Daniella asked.
"Just wait here, she'll be back, she's just distraught from everything that's happened" Alex replied.
"Yeah your probably right, what are we going to do then? Just wait?" Daniella asked.
"Yeah it's the only thing we can do" Alex replied.
"So Aaron, how did you know about her family being kidnapped?" Daniella asked Aaron.
"Well..." Aaron's talking was cut short yet again by a loud screeching noise, the noise of a car being skidded around a corner.
"What the hell? What now?" Daniella asked rhetorically. The car had come round the corner and was now driving towards them, it eventually stopped by the bus stop and they looked at the driver. "Tina?" Alex asked. "What the fuck?"
"I told Natalie that if my family ever got kidnapped I'd probably steal a car out of desperation, well I guess I was right" Tina told them. Alex, Daniella and Aaron were all stood up now watching in awe at Tina at what she had just done. "Aaron, get in the car, now" Tina told Aaron, with emphasis on the 'now'.
Without question or hesitation he got in the passenger side of the car and buckled his seat-belt. "You two can either stay here, go home, or come with me, what will it be?" Tina said, with a solemn look on her face staring at the girls. "err..." Daniella said.
"Well?" Tina said, not giving Daniella a chance to say anything.
"Yes, yes, alright Tina, just so you know I think what your doing is very idiotic and I don't like it, not that you care or anything" Daniella said.
"Alright then" Tina said, acknowledging what Daniella had said but at the same time telling her she indeed doesn't care. (To be continued...)

The End

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