The reminder, and the guaranteeMature

9 - The Reminder, and the Guarantee

Tina looked on into the distance, the man was long gone by now and it looked like their path was clear.
Ten minutes earlier.
Natalie had just been shot by a group of mercenaries who saw it fit to turn on eachother and shoot at eachother too, with just one of them alive and the girls too scared to chase after him, the survivor had picked up Natalie and walked off to collect his ransom. "What? What questions do you have Tina? What about the whole 'No! Don't go in there Alex its dangerous!' how could you have possibly known what would have happened? Hmm?" Alex demanded an answer from Tina. Tina was still stood in shock from the past recent events and was struggling for words, she knew the answer, she just didn't know how to explain it.
"I, I erm, I saw it" She replied.
"Saw what?" Daniella asked, not giving Alex a chance to speak.
"I saw what was going to happen! I visioned it or something! It was like I was there, and Alex too, except this time it was You and Natalie! And I was Natalie! What the hell were you doing in there anyway Daniella?" Tina could read the expressions on their deranged faces. "See! This is exactly why I didn't want to say anything, now you think im crazy, I cant explain it, it just happened, I got shot, just like Natalie, then suddenly im right back here staring right at the building where I just was!"
Alex had listened to Tina's rambling while thinking up an explanation to how they got into this big mess in the first place. "It's the fringe" she said.
"What?" Tina asked.
"The fringe! The bloody... your bloody fringe! That's what's doing all this! How do you think we got away from them back at the motorway? Why do you think that strange figure back at college, which by the way is obviously Sue Harvey, was telling us what to do? There's something really wrong about all this, how on earth could a fringe have all this power?" Alex hastily replied.

Tina was fondling the dead bodies, looking for anything that could help them on their little 'adventure' she picked out money from the wallets and gave each girl a gun "Well... sounds like an interesting theory Alex, and probably the same theory we've all got in mind at the moment, but all that I care about is getting Natalie back, and her family! And anyway, what did happen at the motorway? I got knocked out then I wake up in hull arena 6 hours later!" Tina replied in answer to Alex's speech.
"What the hell?! What do you expect we're going to do with these Tina? Go in guns fucking blazing getting ourselves killed?!" Alex was starting to get angry under all the stress.
"Girls, girls! Calm down! Lets just assess what's going on shall we? Now I agree with Alex, what are we meant to do with these guns? We don't even know how to use them let alone want to use them" Daniella's attempts at calming things down seemed to be working, as Tina and Alex's faces were looking more relaxed than stressed. "Tina, I don't know what happened, all I remember is Tim shouting something just as one of the men was going to shoot you and I blacked out and woke up in some random persons house, just like you woke up in the arena."
"What? In someone's house? Were they like, anyone in the house?" Tina asked Daniella.
"Thankfully no, but I left the house straight away I didn't steal anything, anyway, shortly after I left I met Natalie who was wandering lost on the street outside the house, I called out for her getting her attention but also getting the attention of those men, the same ones who found us in the house. They started chasing us but eventually we lost them as something diverted their attention" Daniella replied.
"That would be me" Alex said.
"What?" Daniella asked.
Alex carried on speaking "I got their attention, I saw you both running down the street after I had woken up in the middle of the road and I was stood there watching you, one of them must have spotted me and decided to chase me before I had a chance to call out your names, I ran as fast as I could down a couple of streets and that's when I met Tina"
"I thought you said you woke up in Hull arena?" Daniella spoke as she looked at Tina with a suspicious look on her face.
"I did, but one of the men had found me inside somehow but I managed to get away from him and I was hiding when Alex came running round the corner screaming out my name" Tina replied "That's the one you kicked in the balls Alex, poor man"
"Poor man? He was chasing you what did you expect me to do? Pat him on the head and say good job keep up the good work?" Alex replied.
"No just that I'd kicked him in the balls too five minutes earlier" Tina said.
"Oh, right, damn, unlucky" Alex said. Tina's phone double beeped to suggest that she had a text message. With their conversation stopped by the phone the girls looked at Tina's phone. "Who's that?" Daniella asked.
"I don't know hold on" Tina replied. She took the phone out of her pocket and flipped it open, it read '1 new message, from: Anonymous' "Who could that be?" She asked rhetorically. She pressed 'open' and paused for five seconds, staring at her phone. "Oh no" she said.
"What? Who is it?" Alex asked.
"It's that man, that guy who took Natalie's family" She replied.
"Lets take a look" Alex said. Tina gave the phone to Alex and she looked at it, it read 'A reminder' the reminder was of Natalie's family, and so Tina wouldn't forget about them, the 'reminder' included a picture of Natalie's family, her parents and her sister who were all sat down with straps of tape across their mouths and banded hands behind their backs. "Holy shit" Alex said.
"Yeah, holy shit indeed" Tina replied.
"Hey guys, can we like, move somewhere else? These dead corpses are giving me the creeps, and if anyone sees us near them they'll call the cops on us" Daniella said.
"Oh, yeah, good idea" Alex replied. Tina looked on into the distance, the man was long gone by now and it looked like their path was clear. The girls started moving in the direction that Natalie had been carried off in, deciding it would be best to look for Natalie first and get her to a hospital before they started looking for her family. "Oh this place looks familiar" They had just walked past the Hull arena. Walking towards the Hull fare. Beep beep, beep beep. "Oh what now?" Tina said, bringing her phone out of her pocket. She flicked it open and pressed 'open' to open the recently received text message, again from 'anonymous'.
This time Tina looked at the phone and burst into tears dropping the phone and then fell over as her legs had become weak. "Tina? What's wrong?" Alex asked, she sat down next to Tina and wrapped her arms around her to comfort her. Daniella picked up the phone and looked at it, it read 'A Guarantee' followed by a picture of Tina's family, also kidnapped. Her Mum and brother were on the floor tied up like Natalie's family, her dad however was chained to the wall with bruises on his face, like he had tried to retaliate. "Oh my god, could this get any worse?" Daniella asked looking at the phone. "ooh your dad looks fit in chains" Tina looked at Daniella as if to say 'fuck off'. "Gimmie that!" Alex took the phone off Daniella to look at it even though she knew what was probably on it. "Fuck this shit! I'm calling the police I don't give a fucking shit any more!" Tina lashed out.
"Tina! No!" Alex shouted as Tina went for her phone. "You know what will happen if you do that! And you don't want that do you?!"
"No, but what else am I meant to fucking do?! I've gone through enough shit today to have this land on my lap im fed up of it!" Tina replied, face red from crying.
"Look Tina, you know you can't call the police, I really want to call them too, I really do, but we can't! Its painful but we can't!" Alex talked to Tina trying to calm her down and comfort her. "I'll call him"
"What? Call who?!" Tina asked, knowing the answer already.
"The man who took your family" Alex replied.
"What why? What goods that going to do?" Tina asked.
"Maybe I can reason with him? I don't know, get him to go lighter on you, give you back your brother or something" Alex replied.
"Whatever, good luck with that" Tina said, putting her head back in her arms. Alex took the phone and pressed the call button to ring the text sender and she put it to her ear. It rang once. "Yes?" The voice asked on the other end.
"Is that you?" Alex asked.
"It depends what you mean by 'you'" The voice replied.
"you know what I mean, why are you doing this?" Alex said.
"You know why I'm doing this, I want that fringe" The voice said.
"Why can't you do it yourself? Why don't get off your arse and do your own dirty work for yourself instead of threatening teenage girls with their families like a coward?" Alex asked.
"Now now, your not going to get anywhere with that kind of attitude are you?" The voice said ignoring her question.
"What?" Alex asked.
"I presume that your calling to negotiate with me, which you are lets not deny that; now how did you expect to get anywhere talking to me like that?" The voice said.
"I'm sorry, look please just let them go, we won't call the police or anything like that we promise!" Alex said.
"What? Why would I do that? After all the trouble I went through to retrieve them?" The voice was smooth and calm as if this was nothing unusual.
"I don't know im sorry I wasn't thinking, at least let one or two of them go? You don't need the whole family" Alex asked with a calm voice.
"Now why would I do that when you talked to me with such arrogance?" the voice asked.
"I'm sorry I shouldn't have spoken to you to like that it was my mistake I'm so sorry, please" Alex pleaded.
"Too late" The phone hung up. Tina stood up and grabbed the phone off Alex.
"Now look here you piece of fucking shit im gonna fucking find you and rip your fucking head off and then rip your fucking cock off and shove it in your fucking mouth you fucking arsehole! Do you fucking hear me?! Hey?! Do you fucking hear me?!"
"Erm, Tina, he hung up" Alex said staring at Tina with a frightened look on her face.
"What? Whatever" Tina said, throwing the phone to the floor. She began walking off in the direction they were walking before. "Tina wait! How do you know where to go?" Daniella asked.
"I don't its just a hunch, now you can either stay there doing fuck all or you can help me get Natalie and our families back" Tina replied, still hastily walking at high speed.
Suddenly the air went white and a bright light blinded Tina and a loud screeching noise deafened her, the strange figure appeared out of nowhere. "Oh fuck off" Tina said, punching the figure in the face. It fell to the floor and the air went back to normal and the figure dissapeared. "Tina, what just happened? You punched thin air" Alex asked.
"Whatever, you coming or not?" Tina asked.
"er, yeah, sure" Both the girls said. It was quite obvious Tina wasn't taking the bad news as well as
Natalie did, but there was nothing that Alex and Daniella could do about it.
"How do you know where your going Tina?" Alex asked.
"I don't" Replied Tina.
"Where are you walking then?" asked Alex with a confused look on her face.
"I don't know I cant explain it I know this is the right way and at the same time I have no clue where I'm going, I presume this has something to do with the fringe, what doesn't?"
"Yeah I suppose your right, we'll just follow you then" Alex replied gesturing for Daniella to follow her.

The End

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