The journeyMature

7 - The Journey

Five miles from Bishop Burton College, at 2:30pm, four girls who go by the names of Alex Johnson, Daniella Hunt, Natalie Everett & Tina Wharton could be seen making their way towards Hull, bored, hungry & tired. "Can we just rest for five bloody minutes?!" an aggravated tired Tina asked her friend Natalie. Natalie was on a mission, she acted like it required her full attention, all her effort, and not a seconds thought about anything else, even her friends & in truth, it did. Tina's fringe had been stolen, how or why was a mystery. Natalie's family had been kidnapped by a madman who seemed hell-bent on acquiring this fringe, Tina's fringe, that he would even kidnap a family and threaten to kill them. Micheal Bosman had gone missing, everyone keeps referring to him as 'the bosmanator', a silly name the girls made up for him as a joke. A figure, that was oddly shaped like Sue Harvey, had told them, in an unusual encounter, that they must go to Hull and be aware of the bosmanator, who they just so happened to have been told to meet by he same madman who had kidnapped Natalie's family, and he had also told them to go to Hull. So, in a way, Natalie had every right to be in an angry mood.
"No" Natalie replied, picking up a faster pace.
"Come on Natalie, I've been a part of everything that's happened today too, hell, it's my fucking fringe that's got us into this shit in the first place! I'm as confused and angry as you are and want to get your family back more tan anything right now and I think there's a slight chance that I feel that everything that's happened today is all my fault and for that I'm sorry. What I'm trying to say is that your not the only one who's got fucking problems right now so can we just have five minutes rest?!" Natalie looked blankly at Tina.
"Alright, five minutes that's it!" She replied.
"Thank you" Tina replied, flustered.
Turning back Tina could see that Alex & Daniella were quite a way behind them, talking about something. "Girls!" Tina shouted "Were gonna have five minutes rest!" with that Tina sat down next to Natalie who had already made herself comfortable. Alex and Daniella sat down behind them once they caught up. "I don't blame you for anything"
"Sorry?" Tina replied, looking at Natalie.
"It's not your fault Tina, I mean, it's not your fault this happened to us, I never once blamed this on you, in my mind I mean"
"oh... oh right, thanks, I guess" Tina smiled at Natalie, she received a smile back.
"I don't blame you either, with everything that's happened I could hardly not expect you to act like this, hell if you were anyone else it'd be a lot worse, we'd be behind bars right now if it was my family"
"What makes you say that?" Natalie asked.
"Well, your a calm person Natalie, knowing me I would have given in by now and failed miserably at trying to steal a car or something like that, I hate to say it but I think that's why he chose your family"
"Heh, thanks Tina, but don't be so hard on yourself, your better than that, and yeah I agree, that is probably why, but I can hardly say better yours than mine can I?" Natalie said with a smile on her face.
"Oh crap" Alex suddenly said, breaking the conversation up "there goes the bus to Hull" her eyes followed the bus as it drove past them and down the road.
"What the hell? It's only twenty to three, the timetable said 3:30!" Natalie said.
"It's bound to be unreliable when it's every three hours" Daniella said.
"Oh well, I guess we have to keep walking then" Alex replied "we still have six miles to go, it feels like we'll be walking for the rest of the day"
"It's not like we have a choice in the matter" Natalie told Alex.
She started walking again, this time at a faster pace than before. The other three girls were finding it hard to keep up with her, but they couldn't complain about it, they all knew what happened when they complained.
"Hey girls! Down here, it's a pedestrian footpath that leads to Hull, we must have missed the entrance before!" Daniella shouted with an enthusiastic voice. "We have to erm... climb down the hill first though" None of the girls were reluctant to taking the path even though it meant climbing down a small hill first, but it was a lot better than walking on the side of a motorway with arseholes beeping their horns at you and shouting random abuse every five minutes. Not to forget that it felt like you were going to be ran over at any moment. Tina being the bravest amongst the four was the first to climb down with Alex, Daniella and Natalie in tow, they had made a chain with their hands to make it an easier descent. "Just a little bit further gir... aaah!" Tina's foot got caught under a thick root protruding from and to the ground. She fell over forward and tried to gain her footing only to fail and wail forward down the hill like a chicken trying to fly. She made it to the bottom of the hill and straight over the footpath and into the bushes where she finnaly lost her not so perfect balance and fell over onto floor face first. "Owww!" Tina moaned face still in the ground. She lifted her head up and opened her eyes only to have to close them again as a bright orange glow blinded her. She turned her head away and stood up, she ruffled her hair to get all the leaves and sticks out which had been stuck in her hair as a consequence of her unpleasant descent. "Tina!" a voice she hadn't heard all day alarmed her. "Tim?!" She turned her head towards the orange glow, it blinded her again so she creased her eyes.
"Yes it's me, Tim, I have it"
"have what?" Tina asked.
"your fringe, I have it! Not on me though, but I have it!"
"what?! Where!?"
"Tina!" Natalie's concerned voice called out for Tina.
"I'm alright Nat, nothing to worry about" Tina replied. The girls had made it to the bottom of the hill in a more dignified state than Tina.
"Now what?" Alex asked, looking at the orange glow.
"It's Tim, don't worry, he has my fringe!" Tina replied.
"You've caused all this!? What the fuck Tim!? Why would you do this to us!?" Natalie shouted at Tim, looking like she was about to throttle someone.
"No, you don't understand, I had to take it, to protect Tina, you see..." Tim was distracted by a ruffling sound in the nearby plant growth. Following the noises was two gas canisters releasing smoke being thrown in front of the girls.
"What the?" Daniella said, before anyone could react they were surrounded by smoke, and light footsteps could be heard all around them.
"Who are you!? What do you wan... you! I know you! I was warned about you, leave before I..." Tim's voice could be heard followed by a loud thud, the orange light that had found its way through the smoke had faded. "Girls, I think we should lea..." Tina felt a sharp pain in her head followed by black. "No! Don't!" could vaguely be heard. Tina passed out.

The End

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