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6 - The College

I explained the story to Alex, everything from the beginning to the moment we were having this conversation. I explained the situation with my fringe going missing, Natalie's dilemma with her family, and how it ties in with the drive by shooting. Just as I had finished, the bus stopped at college and I followed Alex off the bus with Natalie behind me. "so, you have to go to Hull and find the bosmanator, but that's Micheal right? And 'the bosmanator' was just a stupid nickname we made up for him, this makes no sense!" said a very confused Alex.
"I know, it doesn't make any sense at all, but we have to go to our lessons like its just any other day at college, I don't know how Natalie is going to cope with it, its a good thing its a Wednesday" I replied.
on Wednesdays we only have three hours of farming, the man on the phone must have known this.
"Yeah it is, but doesn't Mike have a lesson from two till five?" Alex asked.
"Yes he does but something tells me he won't be in today" Replied Natalie.
When we got to the farm office it was 9:15, meaning that Micheal would already be there. I looked into the crowd of people that made up my group of classmates, sure enough I couldn't find Micheal anywhere.
I could see Daniella though, she usually meets us at the bus stop but since we were late I presumed that she got bored of waiting for us and left.
"Hi Alex, Hi Tina, Hi Natalie!" Daniella said.
"Hey Daniella" I replied. All four of the girls, including me, were always together at college so it only took one of us to say hi for the other two.
"Did you hear about Robert Pattinson?" said Daniella.
"Yeah, I know! Its terrible, I was expecting Jessica Alba to be the last person to start dating him" I replied.
"What are you talking about? How is it terrible that Robert Pattinson and Jessica Alba broke up?" Alex asked.
"What Alex? Robert and Jessica just got together, they didn't split up" I asked.
"What!? No! You mean to say he's been single all this time and I didn't do anything about it?! I thought he'd been dating her all this time" Alex replied.
"Guys! I hardly think Robert Pattinson is the most important thing to talk about right now!" Natalie shouted.
"What? Why not?" Daniella asked.
Three hours had passed and we had just finished farming, we told Daniella everything that had just happened up to this point, she was just as shocked as Alex and wouldn't stop asking questions we don't know the answers to.
"So is that why Mike isn't here?" Daniella asked.
"Most likely" Natalie replied. Nobody knew where Mike was, even the tutor didn't know, he hadn't rang in to say he was ill and nobody had received a phone call from him.

"Come on girls lets go to the Bishops table for some food then we can start moving to Hull" I said.
"No, lets go to Hull right now, we haven't got any more lessons and we can eat there" Natalie hastily replied to me. We picked up our bags and made our way towards the college exit, the bus stop was only round the corner and wouldn't take us that long to walk to. Suddenly, a bright light blinded me, I could feel water forming at my eyes and my ears were making loud screeching noises, what felt like two minutes was actually twenty seconds before the pain had subsided from my eyes and the screeching had stopped. Opening my eyes I could see that I was still with the other three girls who were all just as confused and dazed as I was, the atmosphere was white, all I could see was a white background all around us, I could smell something burning, I looked around but couldn't see anything that could hint towards the source of the smell. Looking down I saw a strange figure that was oddly shaped like Sue Harvey surrounded by thin black smoke, however it was shrouded in an invisible darkness, as if a large object was hovering above the figure, except that the object was not there.
"Natalie" the figure said.
"Yes?" Natalie replied.
"Alex" the figure said.
"What?" Alex replied, confused.
"Tina" the figure said.
"er... hi" I replied, by now we were all very, very confused.
"Daniella" the figure said, Daniella turned her head slightly to the left to look at Alex, as if to ask what the hell was going on. "Go on" Alex urged on Daniella to say something all the while the figure was keeping a constant silence, eyes fixated at Daniella, awaiting a reply.
"erm, yes? I'm Daniella" Daniella told the figure.
The figure's head snapped to look straight into the middle of the four girls "You must go to hull, you must find the unknown ginger, beware the bosmanator, the fringe you must find, go, go now, hurry, you must hurry" Saying that there was another blinding white flash and the pain, water and screeching noise all returned.
After a while the pain, the blindness, the water and the screeching had all stopped, all at the same time. I opened my eyes, we were stood in the same place as we were before the figure appeared, the white background, the smoke and the figure had all disappeared, however they had been replaced by a large crowd of students all gathered around us keeping a safe distance from us muttering amongst themselves. What's wrong with them? Shouldn't they be in a mental home? What the hell was that about? Are they ok? Someone call the ambulance.
"What the fuck just happened?" Daniella asked
"Come on girls, lets go!" Natalie ordered us ignoring Daniella, we obeyed. She was headed in the direction of the college exit, we happily followed her with a large crowd of glaring eyes slowly falling into the distance behind us. It didn't take us long to get to the bus stop, Natalie was walking at a fast pace and we were all trying to keep up with her, but before I could keep track of where we were, we were already at the bus stop. "Right, when's the next bus?" Natalie asked.
"I don't know check the timetable" Replied Daniella. Natalie walked over to the bus timetable held up on the bus stop post, she put the tip of her index finger on the bus chart and slowly moved it down while muttering to herself and skimming the timetable with her eyes.
"What!?" shouted a baffled Natalie.
"What's wrong Natalie?" A curious Alex asked.
"The next bus isn't here for three hours!" Natalie angrily replied.
"Well, then that gives us time to talk about just what the fuck went on back there!" I said.
Natalie turned towards the direction of Hull and started walking "Natalie?!" I shouted after her
"I'm walking it! You can stay there for three hours if you like" She said in a non-caring voice
"But... god-damn Natalie!" I shouted at her, which I immediately regretted when remembering why she's acting like this.
"I'm sorry Tina, its only my family that's been kidnapped! I'll be less annoying in the future" Natalie told me.
"Sorry Natalie, its just everything is so confusing right now and with you acting like your on crack, I think we need to slow down a little and think things through"
"Whatever, my family's been kidnapped, im not going to take things 'slowly' you can if you like, its not your family at stake"
"Alright, alright Natalie you win lets walk then" I finished the argument, knowing how she must be feeling.
I shouted for Alex and Daniella and told them that we are walking to Hull, despite their complaints we were on our way, with empty stomachs, baffled minds, heavy bags, and tired legs, all ready for a ten mile journey to Hull.

The End

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