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5 - The Friend

The alarm clock started beeping loudly, Alex woke up and looked at the clock, it read 6:30.
She grumbled, pressed the button on the clock and turned her body away, just five more minutes, she thought. What seemed almost instant the clock beeped again, only this time it was louder than before, Alex looked at the clock again, it read 6:35. Once again she pressed the button on the clock to stop the beeping. From downstairs she could hear "Alex honey time to get up! Its half past six!"
She got up, knowing if she stayed any longer in bed it would take even more willpower to get out. She walked over to her clothes cupboard and opened it "Honey are you up yet?!" the same voice came from downstairs, it was her mum "Yes mum im up!" she replied with an angry tone. Opening the cupboard Alex took out her usual clothes and closed it, she undressed out of her bed clothes and managed to put on her day clothes after much arguing with herself over what clothes to wear, by the time she got out of bed and put on her clothes it was seven am.
She could hear her mum scuffling about downstairs doing various morning duties such as waking the family up and preparing breakfast. How does she get up so early and have this much energy in the morning? Alex thought to herself. She snapped out of her daydreaming realising she was stood in the middle of her bedroom staring at the wall unaware of her surroundings, not realising her door was slightly ajar she heard a sharp barking noise. "Oh god dammit Mac you scared me!" she said to mac; even though mac was one of the family dogs she considered mac to be her dog. She picked him up and held him against her chest with both arms while stroking his head. Mac was scrambling to be free from her arms so she let him go by placing him on the floor, the moment his feet touch the floor he ran off. "ok..." she said to herself confused at Mac's behaviour. She dismissed this as another one of Mac's "special moments" and carried on with her morning routine. She walked over to her bedroom mirror and was quickly disappointed at her look although she looked the same every morning; her hair was a mess, it was sticking out in every place possible in every way possible. Alex made a low groaning noise at the thought of having to brush and straighten her hair. She grabbed her hairbrush, sat down in front of her mirror and began brushing her hair while thinking to herself "I can't wait for the day I see Robert Pattinson, he's so handsome, I wish he would just take me in his hands and look at me with those beautiful eyes, I hope he doesn't ignore me".
Alex had had a crush on Robert since the day she watched twilight, he was unbelievably good looking and seemed to be the sexiest person she's ever had the pleasure of watching, and today was a good day as he had just broken up with his girlfriend Jessica Alba. Alex quickly stopped thinking about Robert as it distracted her too much, she had just finished brushing and was now going for the hair straightener, it took a good twenty minutes to straighten her hair but the end result looked good enough.
After straightening her hair Alex walked downstairs and into the kitchen, it was in here that her mum and dad were sat down at the table, her mum was eating a slice of toast in one hand and reading the daily newspaper in the other; her dad was making a fuss of Mac by cradling him in both hands all the while Mac was making a low growling noise, it was this that contributed towards Mac's adorableness. Her mum had finished the toast and stood up "Are you going to carry on standing and staring or are you going to get some breakfast Alex?" Her mum asked a surprised Alex. "Erm, yeah, what is there?" Alex replied.
"Look for yourself woman! Your old enough to make your own food aren't you?" her Mum replied in a 'do it yourself' attitude. Alex might be old enough to make her own food, but she didn't know how to, the only thing she was good at cooking was pasta carbonara, there was also the fact that she couldn't be bothered to make her own food. "Yea alright mum! No need to shout" she replied in a frustrated tone.
"Alright alright Alex calm down and get some food inside you, its almost quarter past seven!" her mum replied.
"what?! Already?" Alex replied with a low grumbling noise.
"Yes, so you better get a move on, your bus arrives in forty-five minutes you don't want to be late"
Not wanting to carry on the unnecessary argument with her mum, Alex silently prepared breakfast, placed it on the kitchen table and proceeded to eat it. 'The car journey to the bus stop would take roughly thirty minutes so I have plenty of time' She thought to herself.
Quickly Alex finished her breakfast and she set off with her parents, they would drop her off at the bus stop then drive to work from there. After what seemed twenty five minutes she arrived at the bus stop. "You haven't forgotten anything have you Alex?" Her mum asked.
"No Mum, I haven't I'll be fine" Alex replied.
"Are you sure? Lunch money, class work, assignments"
"Yes mum! I told you already I have everything I need"
"Alright dear, I'll see you back here tonight, bye, have fun at college!" Her mum replied knowing how this conversation would go on.
"Bye Alex! I'll see you back at home" said her dad.
"Bye Mum, bye Dad, see you tonight" Alex replied.
With that Alex closed the car door shut and her parents drove off leaving her at the bus stop.
The bus took longer than usual, a lot longer, by the time it was 8:20 there was no sign of the college bus. Alex was worried that she had missed the bus and was about to ring her Mum when it showed up. It stopped in front of Alex and the door opened, stepping onto the bus she heard the bus driver say "Sorry about that love, hit some traffic coming into Immingham, apparently there was a drive-by shooting, two people dead!"
"Erm, its ok" Alex replied. She walked past the bus driver and looked down the bus, sat down was Tina and Natalie, they were sat next to each other except in total silence. "What's going on?" Alex asked them both
"What do you mean?" Tina asked, trying to pretend nothing had happened.
"Why are you both sat in silence?" Alex asked.
"Er, dunno, were just not talking right now"
"oh, ok" Alex said, it was clear she was suspicious.
"Alright there is something wrong Alex, something happened to me and Natalie earlier today, well, mainly Natalie" Tina replied, not wanting to keep the secret from Alex.
Just then Alex realised that Tina's fringe was gone.
"Tina! Where's your fringe?!" she asked in shock.
"What? Oh not again, its gone, its missing"
"Yes, missing"
"How does your fringe just suddenly go missing?"
"I don't know Alex! Just leave it will you?"
"erm, ok, sorry" Alex replied "What's this about a drive-by shooting outside Immingham? Its why the bus is late but I guess the driver already told you that"
Hearing this Natalie looked at Tina and said "Oh my god, oh no, do you think it was him? Do you think he did that just to delay our bus?" Tina blankly started at Natalie.
"It must be, I think this guy's serious" she replied.
Alex was still stood up, she hadn't sat down since she got on the bus, she was staring at Tina and Natalie, confused. "Alright guys, what's going on?" She asked in an angry voice.
"Alright Alex, I'll start from the beginning" Tina said.

The End

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