The busMature

4 - The Bus

Natalie was stood there, motionless, phone still to her ear as if the man was still talking.
Tina assumed she was still listening to him, but after a minute she was becoming impatient.
"Natalie? Is he still talking to you? Natalie?" Tina's curiosity was growing more and more by the second.
"Huh? What? Oh, no, no he isn't, we have to go to college" Natalie said.
"Why? We've missed the bus anyway, we can't get there and there is nobody around to give us a lift, and what about your family? Your family has been kidnapped and you want to go to college?"
"He wants me to go to College, and the bus hasn't been yet, think about it, how would he know we were going to be here when he called me? he must have delayed the bus somehow so we would still be here, let's go"
Before Tina could reply Natalie was walking down the road towards the bus stop.
"Natalie! wait up" Tina shouted as she ran towards Natalie.
"Don't you want to talk about it? You know, the fact that your family has been kidnapped"
"No, I don't" Natalie replied.
Tina didn't know what to say to this, she didn't want to argue with Natalie after what had just happened. Instead she thought to just give her some time to think. "Ok, but if you ever want to talk about it im right here" she reassured Natalie.
Moments of silence passed at the bus stop, what seemed like twenty minutes was only five minutes, in the distance Tina could see the bus, I guess Natalie was right after all, when isn't she? she thought to herself.
The bus pulled up to the bus stop and Natalie walked on it with Tina following. Ignoring everyone shr sat down on the first seat she could find and stared out the window, Tina sat next to her and remained silent. Thinking to herself she thought, we'll soon be in Barton with Alex. Knowing she will have to explain this to her, she sighed.

The End

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