The hunt for the fringeMature

This is the story of an ordinary girl that goes to college and parties just like your average college student.
However one day she wakes up into a nightmare (not a literal one) and she and her friends must embark on a mission that only they can accomplish and only with the help of eachother.
P.s. Originally intended for friends at college for a good laugh, so no descriptive writing and it has a stupid storyline :) and maybe some things you will not understand.

1 - The Fringe

She woke up wide-eyed and startled, Tina got out of her bed and made her way to the bathroom, trying to remember as much of the dream as she could before her brain pushed it to the back of her mind. She lifted the toilet seat up and sat down. Looking at the clock on the wall it showed 4:07, it was still dark outside, which makes it still morning, she told herself. She was supposed to be getting up for college in two hours. 'I'll never get to sleep now, no point in going back to bed, I'll just check my facebook and watch some TV for the next two hours' She thought to herself.
After finishing on the toilet she sat up and walked to the sink, washed her hands then kneeled down to open the cupboard underneath the sink. Inside was various types of products, including toothpaste, a toothbrush, perfume, packaged soap, disposable razors and shaving cream. She picked out the toothpaste and toothbrush.
She stood up, still dozy from the sleep, squeezed out a small amount of toothpaste from the tube onto the toothbrush, wet the toothbrush with water, put the toothbrush in her mouth and started cleaning her teeth. She was halfway through the process of brushing her teeth that the toothbrush found its way out of her hand and landed in the sink splattering toothpaste over her clothes, the walls, the floor and the sink; this was no accident, Tina didn't care much for the toothpaste, she was in shock, staring at the mirror was a girl, it wasn't Tina, it was a stranger, a being she did not know, it was staring right back at her, glaring, mouth open, toothpaste dripping from its chin in small dribbles.
Tina hadn't looked at the mirror before, she hadn't had a chance to, and even if she did, she would not have noticed what stood before her at this very moment, she was still hazy from the sleep a moment ago. What stood before her was herself, just, different. The usual Tina had a haircut similar to that of Cousin IT from The Adam's family, except for the front, it was cut back, to just above her eyes, to give the look of a straight fringe, this Tina however, did not, it was cut back to the top of her forehead.
"No, No, Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" could be heard bellowing from the house Tina resided in.
She quickly ran towards the bathroom door and locked it. Footsteps running towards the bathroom door could be heard outside until they stopped. "Tina!?" A voice shouted from outside the bathroom door.
"Err... I'm alright mum! nothing to worry about" Tina hesitantly answered back to her mother.
"What's wrong Tina? I heard shouting coming from inside the bathroom, are you alright? Tina?" Her mum was persistent in wanting to know what all the noise was about.
"I said I'm alright Mum! Leave me alone!" Tina shouted.
"Are you sure?" Her mum asked.
"Yes I'm sure, now leave me alone!" Tina at this point was starting to get angry, and starting to question what she should do next. Footsteps could be heard leaving the bathroom door, her Mum wouldn't go back to sleep now, and will most likely be moving around her bedroom waking her Father up, it was at this point that it was clear she wasn't getting out the house without her family seeing her.
She decided to have a shower, maybe this was all a dream and having a shower would wake her up, maybe she hallucinated the figure she saw in the mirror. It was no use, this was no dream, and it would haunt her possibly for a long, long time.
After she had a shower she left the bathroom and started making her way towards her bedroom, suddenly she heard a voice behind her "Tina smells! Tina smells! Tina smells!" it was the voice of her little brother Harry.
Tina wanted to turn around and punch her little brother in the face, but since it was her little brother, she didn't. She also didn't want him to see her without a fringe, that would be disastrous. "Go away you little shit!" Tina shouted without turning around. Like always, calling him "A little shit" was an invitation for him to start being more of a nuisance, she got into her bedroom then closed the bedroom door before her brother had a chance to follow her in. Banging on her bedroom began from the outside "Tina! Tina! Tina! Tina!" her little brother rattled on.
"Go away or I'll tell mum you wet the bed!" Tina said.
There was silence outside the bedroom door, she didn't know if he had gone or if he was waiting there in silence to scare her when she left the bedroom.
Tina was too worried about what to do for the rest of the day to care about her brother, she couldn't go to college like this, she looked like an idiot and would rather stay at home for the rest of the day, but she couldn't do that every day until her fringe grew back.
She walked over to the mirror and started to re-arrange her hair in various patterns that would cover up her forehead; all looked stupid. Where has my fringe gone? Has someone cut it off? If so why? Why had they taken the hair? Just what the fuck is going on? Questions were buzzing through Tina's mind as she tried the various different hair patterns. Her questions were interrupted by the coughing noise outside, followed by footsteps leading downstairs, it was her dad, it was most likely that he'd been woken up by her mum as she had thought before; or maybe it was her screaming in the bathroom. Several more footsteps could be heard following her dad's, it was probably her brother and mum going downstairs.
Tina was hungry now and she wanted something to eat, but she was still in her pyjama's, she quickly got dressed into her clothes for the day and spent a few moments in front of the mirror applying make-up. She looked at the clock, it was 5:15, giving her plenty of time before she had to leave the house; the more she could stay away from the public, the better.
She packed her bag with the things she needed for college and left her room, downstairs in the kitchen was her mum cooking breakfast, her dad reading the newspaper and her little brother watching TV while waiting at the table for food. Tina quickly entered the room grabbed a newspaper, sat down at the table and looked down at the paper, she didn't want anyone to notice her fringe had gone, her brother most of all.
Shortly afterwards her breakfast was done and Tina and her family were eating their breakfast.
"You gave us all an early morning Tina, what's the matter?" Her dad asked.
"Erm, nothing dad, I'm ok now, I erm, got a text from Alex saying Robert Pattinson got engaged to this girl he'd been dating for several months in secret." Tina lied.
"Robert Pattinson? Is this some boy at college you like?" Her dad asked.
Still staring down at her food, trying her best to go un-noticed she said "Oh, no, it's an actor from the film Twilight, I erm, need to go to my room for a bit, thanks for the breakfast Mum" Tina quickly grabbed her drink and walked to her bedroom, she couldn't bare to have her family see her without a fringe, college would be even worse, but she couldn't stay off college for a month. Looking at the clock it read six o'clock. In half an hour, Natalie, her friend that lived across the road, would be awake, she was one of the few people that wouldn't laugh at her. Three knocks on her door could be heard "Tina, what's wrong? You've been acting strange all morning, your mum told me what happened in the bathroom" The voice belonged to her dad.
"Nothings wrong dad I'm just tired" Tina replied.
"Don't tell me there's nothing wrong Tina, I know you, and I know something's on your mind" Her dad promptly replied as if he had planned out this entire conversation. The door to her room opened and her dad saw Tina before she got a chance to turn away. "Tina what's happened to your..." her dad asked.
"Nothings wrong with it dad" Tina replied.
"But your fringe is gone Tina, did you cut it off?"
"Yes, now leave me alone"
"But, why did you cut it off Tina?"
"I don't know, it was a dare, ok? now go away"
"A dare? I don't believe you"
"Alright, Alright, I woke up like this, happy now?"
"What? Did Harry do this to you!?" Before Tina could reply her dad shouted for Harry, this couldn't get any worse Tina thought to herself. "Yes dad?" Harry was standing in the hallway and was now looking at Tina who was staring back in shock. The staring was followed by hysterical laughter and Tina shouting "Go away you fucking little twat or I'll flush Fuzzy down the toilet!" Fuzzy was Harry's pet hamster.
"Tina! How dare you speak to your brother like that! Apologise immediately!" Her dad ranted.
"No! He started it!" Tina shot out of her bedroom, down the stairs and out the front door, instead of crossing the street to Natalie's house she ran down the road and round the corner, if she waited long enough her family would stop looking outside, she thought to herself. She looked at her watch and it read 6:13; at this time several people would already be up early to walk their dogs.
A man in his mid-40's was walking past Tina walking his German Shepherd, normally Tina would stop to fuss about the dog, but she was too paranoid about the owner, she imagined him staring at her and laughing in his mind at the vision of her with no fringe. She looked at him, instead of mocking her he smiled at her, said "Morning" and walked on across the road.
She looked at her watch again, it read 6:15, she needed to pass the time, her dad would still be looking out the living room window expecting her to go to Natalie's house. However Tina didn't want to be stood in the same place for the next fifteen minutes, she decided to take a risk and walk up to Natalie's house and knock on the door. Within seconds Natalie's mum, Julia, had answered the door, hoping that she wouldn't realise anything different about her, Tina asked her with a smile.
"Hi Julia, is Natalie in?"
"Um, yeah she's only just got up though, so you'll have to wait a moment for her to get ready"
She replied. Tina looked back over her shoulder, nobody was standing at the window in her house, in fact, she couldn't see any movement inside, this didn't come as a shock for Tina, maybe they had all gone out somewhere, possibly looking for her, although the family car was still in the driveway. She couldn't be bothered to think about it and said "Thanks Julia" having been to Natalie's house in mornings before she knew where to wait. She walked past Julia, into the living room and sat down on the sofa. Half an hour had passed, Tina was watching children's cartoons on the television when Natalie walked in.
"Hi Tina, I'll just be a moment, I need some breakfast"
Natalie said without even taking a glimpse of Tina, she left the room and went to the kitchen. Tina by now was growing more bored by the minute, children's television was not what it once was, not from her experience anyway. An episode of rug rats was playing on the television, she had seen this episode before, many times.
She was thinking, thinking about what would happen the moment she stepped through her front door, would they rant at me? Would my dad still be angry at me? No doubt they would, and her brother would play the innocent boy act making her seem more guilty than she is. They would first tell her to apologise to her brother, then they would ask her why she did it, she would say she was angry at him for laughing at her, they would ask her if there was anything that was bugging her, making her upset or depressed, she would say no, and they would be persistent in finding out if there was.

The End

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