Puff the magic dragon./


The Co-op, the world of local and alien teenagers buying junk food here, junk food there and the weirdos buying healthy food. Of course, our version of healthy is generally a pot of salad - which is full of salt and sugar.

I pick up a big bar of Dairy Milk - which has recently been brought by the Americans, I swear we're losing all our industrys. I decide - for some uncalculated reason - to go to the shortest, but slowest line. I stand there clicking my finger nails on the side of the isle, clucking my tounge. I see Shona evacuate the co-op, a packet of sausage rolls in her hand. I buy my chocolate and walk out.

We trudge back to school - me ahead as always, lost in my own world of my iPod music. My mind loops back to the C.I.D. lesson we had before. Shona's note,

Bye Mum,

love you ;)

love Shona.

My note on the other hand was quite, um, long.

Hello mother,

I'm going away, I don't know when I'll be back.

I have credit, don't call, I wont answer. Love Dee.

P.S. Unless someone died.

P.P.S. Or someone was hospitalised.

P.P.P.S. Or there is some decent gossip.

P.P.P.P.S. Or you just want to chat, 'cause you're lonely.

Love Dee.

Needless to say mine is a little long winded... I do wonder what it'll be like to run away though, would anyone notice, like my mum says, 'It'll be bad if you run away and no one even notices.'

I get to the cobbles by the church, and turn to the slow-pokes dawdling up the steep slope. Shona comes around the corner first, munching on a sausage roll, she strolls next to me as we wait for the others. The emerge from the corner, Beth singing at the top of her voice.

My mind wanders, making me think off Puff, my magic dragon. He left me for a TV career in Hollywood. How depressing.

The End

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