Okay, bored now...


I chased after my 2 friends as they steamed off. They'd given up waiting for me to get my shoes on after p.e, my friends preferred to leave me with Big Al and her many feet of foundation that she lathered on her face. These shoes were so worth it though.

Our usual strangulation from Beth almost turned me blue this time, she always hugged me fiercely but this hug was dripping in desperation, she probably got dumped by Chris again... we warned her! Whispering our love into her ear and promising it with a tender kiss on the cheek. You may think we're strange expressing our love to our friends; we aren't normal, I do love Beth, as I do all my other friends, for some reason not many understand this.

Our usual trudge to the Co-op commenced the same thing we do every day. I wait for everyone, I hike to the Co-op alone (too fast for the slow ones behind me and to slow for DeeDee who tended to walk alone as well), I buy some unhealthy food, I stumble back out of breath trying to force as much food down my throat as I possibly can, which also happens to prevent me from breathing. The same thing I do every day!

Now I'm not denying that this year is so much better than last. I have a group of friends who love me, I haven't had any huge fights and I haven't wanted to rip anyone's hair out. That's not fun.  Surprisingly, I found myself missing year 10, the year where I had huge fights, cried all through the year, wanted to swing people around by their hair (not just rip it out). This may make me out as an angry, ungrateful person. I probably am... and I'm bored.

I want adventure! So does everyone else I guess, but recently with all the monotony I have been feeling I want to get away more than ever. I've been inside my head a lot more than usual, where imagination is more reckless than reality. Where I can slay dragons and save the damsel all the time!

 I know DeeDee has been feeling this way too; just recently we have spoken about running away in the summer. Serious or not I have no idea, although we wrote fake notes to our parents explain where we were, DeeDee's was lengthy and joking (it sounded just like her!) mine, on the other hand, was 4 words long and basically said bye.  

It wasn't until our usual tedious days were broken, forcing us to run away. As much as I wanted an adventure, this is not the way I expected it to begin.

The End

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