The hunt for 'that dudes' dinosaur... no, dragon... my bad...


"Shona, stop chasing Holly around with your feet," I say sternly. "It's not her fault she's scared of bare fee-" I break off laughing. Shona prances around after the screaming Holly, chasing her into showers. I quickly change from my chavvish p.e. kit and into my plain, black school clothes. To think, our whole school was in uproar about the uniform.

I hear the water jets in the shower area go off, a shirl screeh comes out. I laugh to myself as I see the other girls from our group glance at each other and shrug. Let's just say this, they're on their side, we're on ours', only a blob of orange foundation on the wall fully seperates us. Not to say we don't get along with them, they call Shona, Sho - much to her dismay - and me Dan - much to my own annoyance. Shona calls Alice 'Big Al', Philipa 'Philly babes' and Natalie... well I've forgotten but, shh!

Holly comes back through, her hair dripping, her mouth pouting like a baby. Shona follows, her face pink from laughing. They quickly change, Shona takes forever getting her new shoes on.

"Why don't we ever bully Shona?" Holly asks me, I shrug.

"I dunno, but we should." We always say that, say that we'll team up. We never do though. Never. Shona grins in acknowledgement.

The End

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