The hunt begins

Shadows shifted and swayed as a silhoutte flashed through the darkened alleyway, fear for his life guiding him on at speeds he never imagined he could have reached. The wet slaps of his feet splashing across muddy puddles and the laboured breathing as his lungs struggled to draw in enough air to keep him going were the only sounds that could be heard apart from the eerie songs of nocturnal owls. What chilled the dark figure and sent ice cold stabs of pain along his spine was the silence. His attacker was toying with him, extracting every last ounce of fear before finally striking. Occasionally he spotted glimpses of the assassin's trademark black cape, or his masked face peering over a rooftop.

Claustrophobia suddenly set in as he carried hurriedly onwards, the tiny alleway seeming even more tiny and cramped. He couldn't head back now, for the entrance had most likely been blocked, and the only other exit was to keep running until the alley opened up into a street. The chances of his assailant already there waiting for him heavy agaisnt him. Death was probably already upon him.

The End

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