The Manananggal's Side

I am Maring, a Manananggal. My kind has been widely misunderstood by others. We have been hunted and left to suffer. No one understands us. We never chose to be like this, nor want to hurt others. It is just because of our circumstances that we have to hunt.

I have, on many occasions, tried to feed on crops as regular humans would. However, my body rejects it and I grow weaker by the day.

Alejandro, a Manananggal from a different barrio, raped me one day. Despite what he did to me, I never hated him. After that day, I never saw him again.

Contrary to popular belief, we are not barren. We also bear offspring, but only by the hands of our kind. I gave birth to a young Manananggal and I have to feed her.

I never liked the idea of killing people. Wild animals do me good, but I grow hungry really fast. I do not think this will work for my daughter. I have to act fast or she will die. The nearest human settlement is Barrio Masagana. One evening I smelled a delicious unborn child inside its mother nearby.

The End

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