Barrio Masagana

The Hunt revolves around hunting the Filipino mythical creature, the Manananggal, through different perspectives.

This tale aims to uncover how people react when unexplained tragedy strikes them.

Every culture has its own lore about monsters lurking in the dark. Some may have vampires, or werewolves. Others may have zombies or shape shifters. In the Philippines, the locals also tell stories of different monsters. One particular creature many Filipinos fear is the Manananggal.

A Manananggal is a creature of the night that leaves its lower half while its upper half grows huge bat-like wings and flies around looking for food. It is said to take on a human form by day. It mainly feeds on unborn children, but it may also feed on blood, human liver and innards. If one looks into the eyes of a Manananggal, his or her reflection would be up-side down.

Our story revolves around Barrio Masagana (Barrio is the Filipino term for Town while Masagana, although is used as a proper noun in this case, means prosperous). The barrio holds about a hundred people.

Aling Nita, a humble vegetable vendor, walks around town every day to sell her goods. Her good friend, Ka Andres, is a Manananggal Hunter.

One day, on the arrival of Senyong, the son of Aling Nita who came from the city, startling news spread across town. Sonya, Ka Andres’ wife who was pregnant, died by an alleged Manananggal attack. Her stomach was torn open, and her baby was nowhere to be found. Thus, a huge hunt was assembled.

The End

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