The Hunt

The street of Rosdale are not safe when the sun sets and the campus of Dale High is never filled with the noise of kids messing around after dark.
Not with the hunts..

Bodies raced around me. Fur brushed mine and I sneaked a glance to the side to see the familiar ebony wolf that was Jak, my mate. Up ahead was an auburn coloured wolf who lead the pack through the back alleys. We occasionally slipped onto streets but we didn't need to worry about anyone coming out at us with guns or knives.

This was our home and the feel of concrete beneath my paws had become so familiar I could imagine the feel even if it wasn't there. The auburn wolf came to a stop so we all did. "Father, what's wrong?" I asked through the mental link. He merely looked back at me with a flash of fangs before howling towards the moon. The whole pack howled along with him. All of them but me. Instead I rolled my shoulders and braced myself for what we were all about to do.

Jak nudged into my side causing me to look up from where my gaze had dropped to the floor. My father was watching me with a careful gaze before turning away sharply.

We all began to run again and I made sure to fall to the back of the pack. I could smell it now. The human that we were hunting down. I smelt her young fresh blood. Then I heard her begin to run. She had seen one of the mid-ranking wolves advance to pen her in towards my father and Jak. I should have been up there but no one complain of my absence. They all wanted their bite just to feel blood on their teeth.

It would be my father first followed by Jak. This would then be followed by the midranking Gamma's Chase, Rowen, Haley, Alex, Jessica and Robert who where then followed by the Omega's who were Luis, Ale, Katie, Sophie and Catherine.

I would stand aside beside the fact I could have second bite if I wished. All of the pack was mated except for Catherine who had become my fathers pet. It hadn't heightened her position. In fact she was only his pet because she was the lowest of the pact. 

So that's what happened and it was Ale this time who got to drag away the mangled body as we padded back to the pack house. Not everyone here was born a wolf.

That didn't matter though because as long as the pack stayed alive it didn't matter about the pure blood. It use to apparently. Pure blood use to be vital. Now though every so often the alpha would chose someone to join. That's how my best friend Sophie joined and how Jak became apart of the group to become my partner.

For born wolves you'd join the pack at 14 that's when you had to first taste blood. When you first changed. You got to be part of the pack for another 26 years before retiring at 40 and living out to your life expectancy of 100. Some of the wolves left while others stayed and watched their own young.

As we all shifted back at the pack house I headed straight upstairs. "Danni" my father called. I stopped and turned looking down the stairs at him. "School tomorrow" he merely said then walked off. Jak watched him to before turning to me and flashing a grin. 

"So..." he said cheekily causing me to smile back before he chased me up the stairs to our room. I was glad everyone had already either gone home or took to their rooms at the pack house.


As I woke the next morning I felt tired. I began to move to get dressed in a sloppy manor. Jak groaned and buried his head under his pillow. I shook my head at him before tugging on my shirt and heading downstairs where Sophie and Alex were munching down on cereal.

"Where's Jak?" Sophie asked looking at me. I jerked my thumb upwards and she smiled. "Did you..."

I shot her a look and she held up her hands innocently while Alex chuckled. They both knew I'd been pulling out for the past two years I'd been Jak. At first it was cause I was too young but now it was cause I wasn't ready. Truthfully I didn't understand it. I mean I'd come to love Jak. We'd mess around and have a laugh but that could only be entertaining for so long.

I found my dad in the kitchen watching me as I made my cereal. "I do expect-"

"I know, dad" I cut in waving him off. I didn't like it when he brought up the future for the pack crap. "I'm not ready. I mean to everyone else around this town we're just kids. I feel like I'm just a kid"

"The clocks ticking" he merely said and walked out. Sometimes I felt like I'd had no childhood at all and that my dad was never really a father. I mean a father doesn't pushes you towards pro-creation does he? Cause he wants a few more years with his little girl. I heaved a sigh and abandoned my cereal heading out to find all the others ready to set off.

We all had to get to school including my dad who taught biology. Jak stood nearby looking all sleepy but he was awake enough to flash me a cheesy smile before taking my hand as we headed out to go to school. 

The End

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