I hummed as I waited. I knew I'd get bored humming. But I knew that she would come right away.

Hours past.

Hours turned to days, days turned to weeks. Weeks turned to months.

What was taking her so long?! She said she'd get here ASAP! Where is she??? I grabbed my phone and dialed the number....

It went onto voicemail.

"Hello, sorry, I can't take your call at the moment!!!But please leave your number and message after the bleeping nioce and if I already know you, say you do, then say your name. Again. Please leave message after the bleep." bleeeeeep

"Hi, it's Emily. Where are you? I've waited for three months and you still haven't showed! I'm tired of waiting and I need you to come, quickly! I can't stop drinking. It wont stop. The Hunger is getting much, much worse. I need your help!!!" I cried into the phone. Then hit the 'hang up'' button.

"God dammit!"I shrieked. I was going crazy. I need to feed. I need to feed NOW.

"ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!" I heard someone scream. And this time it wasn't me! Hang on, I recognised that voice....

"MELONY!!!!!"I bellow.

"EMILY!!!!HELP[!!!!!"She screamed again, panting. I followed the sound of her shrieks.

"EMILY!!!!NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"Then silence. I knew what had happened to her, but I didn't want to think it. I was right. I found her body, all beaten and bruised and cut. No way had a human done this. The only thing that could have made this much damage was and other vampire.

Okay, so fabulas! There was another vamp on my territory! Not a good sign...This meant war. They'd just given me the ULTIMATE sign of war. They had killed a loved one. And they were going to strike again.


I picked up Melonys body, creful. I could see her chest rising and fall in rapidly as she breathed her last breaths. I took her to the cottage and set her down.

"Oh, Melony. If you die..I can't, I can't even think!"I whispered.

"Emily.Your Hunger. Is of a unique type. Very rare. You need to feed as regularly as your body wants to! I did my research. You are a very powerful vampire. And Emily I l-o-o-ov-e-e you as if y--ou were my o--own child."Then she died. Melony was dead. And I couldn't even think about it, I felt dizzy.

I wanted to die.No, I wanted revenge. I wanted to kill the vampire that did this. And I will.

The Hunt is on. 

The End

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