A old friend

How could I contact her? I didn't have her email. I didn't have  her new number. Hell, I didn't even know if she was dead!!!!

I grabbed my phone. And called her old number.

"Hello?"It was her! She'd kept her number!!

"Melony? Is that you?" I cried.

"EMILY?"She yelled.

"YEAH! Where are you?"

"Uh, in London. Been here for a looooong time!"

"Oh, Melony! I'm so lonely! I don't know what do! I--I-- I can't stop drinking blood and I..Oh."And I burst into tears.

"Shhhh, shhhh, Emily, it's okay. Where are you?" My sobbs stopped at once.

I gave her the town, address and which field. And she told me she'd get her as soon as she could. I sat down with my heat in my hands. Maybe if I didn't eat for ages I'd stop drinking so much! No, thats a terrible idea. it'd only make my hunger more intense.I'd killed him. He'd be dead by now. Matt, my 'only love', would be dead.

Well, it was his own fault. He'd been the one that had cut himself on purpose. I couldn't have resisted. He'd known that. I hoped he realised how stupid he had been!

Because you couldn't trust humans. Humans lied. Humans were greedy and selfish. Humans are the flaw of being a vampire.

The End

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