Love you to Death.


Matt and I were walking along the road. He knows I'm a vamp. He doesn't mind. I do, I don't want to hurt him. He's human. I'm a vampire. It would never work. I love him. But no matter how much he begs me to turn him, so we can be together forever. I can't. I'd end up killing him.

I can't even kiss him without thinking how good his blood would talk, all think and salty. But I can't, I wont, I would rather be left in the sahra dessert with no blood than kill Matt.

"Please!!!"He whined. I gave the eveil eye. My peircing purple vampire eyes made him shut up.

"Matt! I am not going to changa you! No matter what you say or do I will never change my mind. I will be leaving soon and you'll just have to get over it, and leave the whole I-wanna-be-avamp. Issue alone! I snapped with a steely voice. He looked hurt. Buthis puppy dog eyes couldn't turn me. I know him too well. "Matt. No."

"Fine, "he grumbled, "but you just wait, when you come back in like fifty years and I'm an old man, happily married. You'll be thinking; 'oh why didn't I turn him, so we could be together?'"

"Matt!" I laughed, "as if! I will have to leave soon. I've been here for over 2 years. People are going to start notcing I don't change!"

"Yeah, fine. Tonight do you wanna go to the park?"He asked.

"Yeah. Okay."I replied. "But only for a bit."I said tilting my head a little. He knew what this meant, I was hungry.

So here we are in the park, when suddenly he whipped out a knife and cut his troat a little.

My vampire senses took over my mind. I leaped onto him and put my mouth to the wound.

"T-t-t-turn m-m-m-me-ee!"He gasped.

"Uh uh."I mumbled through a mouthful of blood, shaking my head. His eyes widened in shock, as I kept on drinking. I let go of him. He slumped. I'd left him just enough to let him live. I had to save him. NO!RUN!!!!!

I flitted away, over the bridge, through field and into the littlecottage ruins where I've been living for the past few years. I screamed and cried and weeped. And sat down sniffling.

I was going crazy. I needed to drink more than I did. I couldn't help it. Melony hadn't said this would happen! Melony, my best friends who turned me. I miss her. we said we'd meet up sometime. we never did.I'm lonely. I need company. I want a proper friend.

I needed Melony...Badly.

The End

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