Male Tribute

To the Capitol

"This is what you've been training for all of your life," Our mentor tells us, with slight aggression in her voice. "Don't let the District down."

The silverware glistened as the sunlight hit it through the window. I'd been travelling most of the day, being escorted from the Justice Building late afternoon. I didn't waste too long on goodbyes. I didn't want my family or friends to distort my focus.The Capitol was waiting and I wasn't going to waste any longer to show them what they've been missing.

The girl glares at me across the table. We've been training with each other since we were 7. Despite hating each other, we know from past tributes, that we need to work together. Every one of the 6 careers had a better chance working in a team. With any luck someone would take her out during the bloodbath.

The Capitol glowed with the essence of summer. A sadistic grin spread across my face as I saw it. My new home. The home of my soon-to-be adoring fans.

The End

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