Feena stood up, and waited. She had no other friends, or family. Like father would come, she thought, He's out with Jaze partying that his step-kids werent't called.

A knock at the door scared Feena. She rushed over and opened it. There stood her father.

"What are YOU doing hear?" she asked.

"Well, YOU are Feena Dellton right?" he said.

"No," she said," After YOU left, I changed my last name to D’kile."


"So, where’s your pretty little Jaze, and those things you call my siblings?"

'' There outside, crying. Brig wanted to see his big sister before she want and got her self killed." He said. " May I come in?"

She stepped out of the door, her hands still wrapped around the ribbon.

"I may die, I have a chance! Do you ever think about Luke?" she said, hitting a touchy subject, "How he died. I'm not going to die a mute, I'll go down screaming, and telling everyone back here I love them, except you!"

The End

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