Feena handed her the mic and frowned.

"Well! May the odds be in are smart, brave little tributes, favor!" she said "And, as always, let us listen to the Athem. Feena stood there, her hand over her heart. Oh, lord. I'm scard.  Arabeth didn't even ask if anyone would go for me. Like the would!

The song stoped. Arabeth once more walked to the mic. "Any friends or family may come to say goodbye. Giffen will be in room 203, and the lovely Feena will be in 204. Goodbye." She gave captiol smile and turned to face Feena. "Ah, Feena. Come, I'll show you to your room."

She put her cold hands on Feena's shoulder and usherd her though the doors. she made a turn and pushed the button for the lift. When the sleek, gloss doors opened Arabeth walked inside.

"Are you coming?" she said.



Feena thought about the first time she round this lift. The day her own parnets divorced. The day after Lukes body was burried.

"I just can't!" she said.

"O, well if afide lifts,I just don't how you'll surrvie the games! Kids are killed left and right!" she said.

Feena had had enough. She steped inside and pushed the close button. The lift want up two floors, and the doors opened.

"Ok, love," said Arabeth. "Your room is the 2nd door on the right! Cho!"

The End

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