The clock stroke 2:15. "Ok, Feena, Gaila lets go." she but her hands on there shoulder ands ushered the two out the doors.

They walked a little less than a mile till they came to the square. the stage was built, and it was prettier than Feena could have ever hoped. On the stage sat a women in her mid twenties. She had long, fire orange hair. Beside her sat the mentor for the tributes. Beside him sat the mayor.

in front of theme sat the reaping balls. Feena looked at those god awful balls, and thought My life rest in those balls, god don't let me be picked.

The town clock 2:30 and the mayor stood up. He smiled and waved.

"Hello, and welcome to the reaping of theHunger games!" he said. He said it so cheerfully, even thro his own girl was involved. Then came the stories about the Hunger games, than how next year well be the first Quter Qull.

'I'm mayor Johnson, and this" he pointed to Orange hair, "Is Arabeth. She is the two VERY LUCKY two teens Escort. Arabeth!"

Arabeth walks up and stands next to Mr. Johson. Her smile is light, and very happy. To happy.

"Hello 12! she says. She talks waaay to happy, like we're all in her little world. NOT. Well, she doesn’t get any enjoyment on our part!

"Well, this lovely man." Arabeth smiles and points to the man. He’s real fit, has big arms. Thinks Feena. He is the mentor dude. "Is your mentor!"

The man stands up. And smiles real big.

"Ok, let the reaping begin” he yells. Cheers come from the crowd, with joy. But, its all fake.

"Ok, I'm going to chose the boy first."

She walks over with Paul. "Paul, will you do the honor?'' Paul nods and pushes the red button. A shiny, white ball comes out.

"Giffen Tomes!" He yells. A scared, tall boy stands up and walks to the stage.” Any one wish to take his place?" says Arabeth. No hands raise.

"Ok, well...lets try the girl." Arabeth pushed the button.

"Feena d'kile"

The End

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