Fenna awoke in tears. She thought about her dream. She was picked for the reaping, and that was the end of her world. Her life was done, she was killed and sent back to her mother to be buried.


If any thing like me getting picked happends, I'll go and kick but. I can tie a good knot and climb a good tree if I have, but still. If I do get pick I need a plan. She thought.

Ok, so if the arena has trees, I'll grab a bag and bow and run into the woods. I'll climb a tree, and stay there until there are less than 6 kids left. She climbed out of bed to the smell of warm bread. Her little sister Gaila, who was ten helped at the bakery and sometimes got burned bread.

Gaila sat at the table, eating a slice of bread. She smiled at her sister, trying to let her know that nothing will happen.

That was not the same for her mother. Her mother had lost a son to the hunger games, her older brother Luke.

She thought about it. The two who teamed up on him, and took him down.

5 year before...

It was a day Feena could never forget. It was a hot day when his body was carried in, but that was not the sad part.

He was killed by two other tributes. Both careers, from district 0ne. They came up from behind him and the girl jumped out him and stuck her knife in his back. The boy shot a arrow in his brain.

Her mother fell on the ground and cried. Feena ran into her room and didn’t leave for 5 days.

The End

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