The hunger games: The first of many

Fenna lifted the buckt of water to fill her sisters bath. Her long, dark her fell to hip, even in a ponytail. her long lashes coverd her eyes, with the coal under her eyes.

She lived in District 12, the coal district.  She lived very close to the mines, due to the fact her father was a miner. The hills, or as she is told Appalachian Mountains. Which, before the dark days was in a state (she always thought WHATS A STATE?) called Pennsylvania. 

"Feena?" said her mother. Her mother also had dark hair but, much shoter.

"Yes?'  She dumped the water into the tub. And turned to face her mother. "You know your going to be in the reaping this year? Right?"

The thought hit her, she was 12, the age to be in the reaping. The reaping was the next day.

The End

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