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"Do you also remember when you told me you would never leave me. You said always." I say "I remember everything." He says. He thinks for a moment. "You love me? Real or real not" He says I tell him real. He kisses me. And when he dose I feel like i'm in the cave and on the beach. The hunger that over took me on the beach. That I needed more. He holds me tight. All I think is I have the old Peeta. And I don't want him leaving.

The next day is when the tributes go in the arena. Parla and Carraline are ready. They hold each other tight for the launch. I go to wake up prim2 to find thw worst thing to happen. She's gone! I run to the launch room right before the tributes go up and their she is. Standing their not moving. I pick her up not knowing what happend and take her to the game making room. I put her in a seat. "Mom I want to go! I want to go now!" "No! now get ready!" They have rue working with the traps. Cinna nad the triplets stay close. "Ok ready!" I scream to Peeta who is the hunger games announcer. "Ok ladys and getlemen let the 1 hunger games begin. Let the count down start! 3,2,1! He screams. The tributes have now been lifted into the arena adn now wait for the sixty second count down. At about ten Parla looks at the sullpiles. I see her looking at a two backpacks. She wiggles Cassies arm and shows her the two backpacks. Carraline lifts Parla on her shoulders. '3,2,1! Let the games begin!"Peeta says. Carraline starts running at full speed towords the back packs. She grabs them and runs in the forset to find a place. I look at the screen 3, no now 8 tributes dead. Prim2 puts a cave near Parla and Carraline. They both run in to the cave and look in the back packs. In them they find a minni sword, alot of food. a few cantines of water, body arromor, two sleeping bags, a weird device that looks like a forsce feild thingy. Parla sticks it to the side of the cave on puts it on. A huge beam on light shoots across the cave opeing making it invinsible. I don't know what their going to do to?

The End

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