Prim2's speical birthday

With all the work I had to do I forgot . Peeta said he would go out and get it while I go with the kids to my Game-making office. Today I have to decied an arnea for this place of horror. Both Prim's think it should be a forset. Rue agrres for this arena so I put forest on the paper. Now I decied where all the suplies are. I put them in the cornicopea of corase! Soon the games will begin and I have finshed my work until this starts. The interveiws are in 2 days and both Prims, and Rue can't wait. But right now I have to test some tributes that I think need help so I can help them and thats only 2 of them. Caraline and Parla. I invite the kids to go but they shake away my offer and say they wanna play in there rooms today. Tonight we celebraight Prim2's birthday. Caraline starts out with shooting a few dummys very well. Parla grabs a sword and kills fifteen dummys in 3 seconds! What am I saying Parla should be pretecting Caraline! Caraline grabs a nife and throws it directly at a dummy hititng its heart! "Ok girls you may go." I say . They walk out. Well are carrer pack this year will be.... Flyer, Gale, Marla and Kookem.  Tonight Prim2's birthday begins. We start out wih cake. This cake is Strawberry with white specks witch everyone eats in ten seconds. I smile at Peeta knowing he made it. The gift Prim2 gets is! Is ! Is, a iron srowd!

The End

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