Ok i'm taking a break from writing this until friday because my mom's computer crashed so i'm using my dads no need to worry, I'll just see what I can do with RAC "Rent A Center" or call comcast or somehting IDK I don't make the dissions so sorry but I do want to make this piece about some people who have helped me cause I think it's nice to do that so If your in this I want you to comment on why you liked this story....Ok so my first dedaction goses out to FantasyFictionWriter because of are age diffrence I know I keep brining this up but I think it's awesome, also he really did help me a bit. And the second person I would like to grant dedaction with is ......Cassandramorrw because she was the second person to check out this story! Those are the two people I'm dedacating for right now.  Btyw check out their pages because their awesome even though I don't know them to well! Also you guys.....The one flaw I have is Spelling so please please please don't bring it up I know you just want to help but I know so a Thanks and A new chapter will be writen on Friday at about 7:00! Oh and one more thing..... I CAN'T BEILVE MY RATING IS 3.00ITS SO AWESOME! Thanks to the people who did that so bye! Read you later! Oh sorry onne more thing Thanks for one more Fan! I can't belive this happend! Read you later!       


The End

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