The story

I go to the back of my hotle room and start talking to the kids on how they feel about things. "Well Mommy, I feel if their are these games then their will be no-more peace between both sides." Prim 2 says. Wow she's really gone, the little girl who thought everything was funny and always got upset if she got a toy that had no pink for christmas  is now deciding if she like's this battle. That reminds me of Prim1 but Prim2's  right their will be no peace if I don't resolve this at once.  I decide to speend a whole day with all 7 kids. I take out some old movies, games, and songs. For the whole day Cinna and Rue dance, Prim1 and Prim2 watch old movie's, well me and Peeta teach the triplets to try to make some what of a song out of their mouth. "Arl...ased." Says Elli, well Charlotte grabs a peice of my hair and stick it in her mouth. Glimmer has fascinated herself with a mirror which make me laugh. Just then Rue teach's Cinna to say a new word. "Dadd..Daddy!" Cinna cries well clapping. "Well we have Mommy and Daddy down all we need is to start teaching him some real words." Peeta says.  Just as I settle each kid down in to bed I remember the one thing  forgot.....Prim2's Birthday is tomorrow!

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The End

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