Chariot Sessions

Thats all he says before he runs out. I let the tributes pick their arena parteners. The styles fix them up and all. So when the time comes I sit in the blacony before the cit circle with the kids, triplets, Rue, The victors, Finnick,  Peeta, and Prim. The first out is young Peeta named after Peeta with a 12 year old tribute girl named Mara. They are wearing helmets with dair devil suites. Peeta takes Marlas hand and throw is up high saying they are here to play Next we have Gale who looks 18 again and Marla who is 18. They are weraing gold shoes with a glod tux and dree wearing gold crowns. Next out we have 16 year old Flyer and his partner Kookem who is 16. Both resemble Sexy because they long locks blond hair and blue eyes. Next out is Caraline and Parla with Parla and them huging making the crowd cry in tears. Caraline wears a crown of gold with a septer and a Queens dress. Parlas wearing a little crown of gold with a tiny septer and wearing a little princess dress witch makes me cry a little because they resmble these two as a team that won't be brokon. When they look at me Caraline laughs under her breath with Parla now on her shoulders showing these two won't be separting for ever. Caraline sets Parla down on the chariot seat getaly with Parla not letting go one bit. Luckly two people can win these games.

The End

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