I meet Gale again

My eye start crying for the of the act I have to try to kill the one person who got me right after my father died. Peeta sits on the bed holding me in his arms for a while when Prim 1 asks the quistion everyone wants to know. "Katniss, why don't you just stay away from trying to kill him and let him kill off  him self if he dose I mean why don't you turn him back to the age of 18, put him in the arena, if he dies then know ones knows and if he wins than turn him back to 30." She says. "Actully Prim 1 dose have a point, Katniss I hate this stuff but to try to keep Gale alive then we have to do it." Peeta says. I huff and think about this for-a-moment look at the triplets and the kids and think I have to do it. "Well what do you say Katniss I mean we've all been thurugh what its like going in their and NOT coming out."Rue says. "Ok well do it but I want to speak to Prim alone for a few minutes." I say. They  step out of the room. "Prim 1 remeber your first reaping you where picked but I volontered for you because I loved you and I knew you couldn't win. Well that girl just did that same thing for her sister and I feel I want to help her more than I do with Gale." I say "Katniss your the GameMaker, you decied who's coming home." Prim 1 says. The triplets start crying before they come in.

So what the place is like is its a giant plastic dome in space that holds the city square, the tributes rooms, the charitots, and the traing center. I'm soppose to meet my death targets very soon. When I head down stairs I start meeting everyone in a private room. The first person I meet is Parla. She has red curly hair and white skin. "Hi Parla, wanna tell me a bit about yourself." I ask "We... well i'm 12 years old, I have 6 brothers and sisters with me being the oldest." She says holding back tears. "It's ok Parla i'll make it easy for you ok sweetie." I say. She nods and walks out of the room. The next person I meet is Fragrance. "Hi, wanna tell me a bit about your self" I ask. "I'm 14 years old. Have one brother at home and I wanna tell you something I'm ready for anything you throw at me!"She says "You can leave" I say  Next is Kookem. "Hi, tell me a bit about yourself." I say "No I don't want to." She says while getting up and walking out of the room. Caraline is next. "Well Caraline I bet that was your sister you volontered for. Well Caraline I thought that was brave of you to do that because I did that also so I wanna make a pack with you....I want you to team up with Parla and if you win you will be aloud to be with to people when you win so keep her alive." I say. She looks at me in ashtionshement. "Thank you but but are you sure you can do that? I mean i'm good with a bow and all but I told my sister I would win so I gusse I'll live up to the promise." She says "Ok heres what I want you to do. You'll be housed together, you go in to your indvisual sessions togeter. You do everything together!" I say.  She nods and walks out.  The olny boy who showed up is Flyer. "Flyer tell me about yourself." I say " "I'm 16 and and and!"

The End

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