Peeta rushed me to my mother, my mother put me on a hovor craft with other victors since the games where going to begin soon so when I woke up their sat three little girls who all had blond hair with blue eyes. Since we where decding names I would Call my sister Prim1 and my daughter Prim 2 and the triplets names are Charlotte, Ellie and Glimmer. As we where talking the T.V flashed on showing the reaping. This year they Pick 12 girls and 12 boys to in the arena. I huffed that meant I would have to make 22 girls and boys die. Effie is the reaping picker witch makes me laugh a little. "Ladies first, Pria D'grata." Effie says. The little girl is about to walk up when some one pushes her aside and says "I volonteer!" The mystorus girl walks up on stage well the little girl is thrasing in what looks to be her brothers arms. "And what is your name." Effie asks  "Caraline D'grata" She says in a soft voice. "Well lets go on. Marla Frantine" She looks to be 18. "Kookem Frally" Effie says. She looks to be 16. "Parla fragantine" looks to be 12.  "Fragrance kelly." she looks to be 14. So on and So on.  "Any volonters?" Effie asks. No one raises their hand. "Ok then time for the boys." Effie says "Peeta carsworth."   Who looks about 12. "Hassteck warrior" Witch makes us laugh so hard. He looks about 12 "Moopop Foop" Is about 17. "Red halswaroth!" who is 16 and looks exactly like Gale! "Flyer Mcfatten" who also looks 16. So on so on. "Any volonters?" Effie asks.  Some on rasies their hand. "I volnteer for  Red Halswaroth!" Up comes GALE!

The End

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