What happends when you cross on Finnicks bad side!

So it turns out everyone 18 and up is reguired to go out to space and start bulding as quickliy as ever. I made a deal with Finnick that I had to stay with the kids to make sure they don't slow down productuion. Finnick agreed to let me and Peeta stay with the kids aslong as we help put up flyers. It turns out that everyone who is my age and rasied excpet for a few people want the Hunger Games in Future Vill badly! Finnick also called up the captiol and of corase they where ok with it. The one person who said no in the caption was president Palaor. But no one cared they just want to see the action down their in their cluless head of theirs. And the worst part is..... I'm the head Gamemaker! Finnick changed alot since over the years. His son is happy, Annie is happy so I gusse he wanted to be happy. I can't beilve that all of the living victors are now some part to make the hunger games real! I told Peeta since Finnick is having a little fun with Annie we should have a little fun but then I became in Labor!

The End

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