Madge sweete Madge

"Well Katniss I did not really capture them what I did was put them some where safe so we could talk you see Future Ville is planning to start at war with the distracts so we need to be the first ones to attack." He says "So to help you with your dissiuon I brought some people you may wanna say Hello to." Madge walks out, followed by Johanna, Haymitch,Cinna, Portria, My Prep team, and Beetee! "Madge!" I say with tears flowing down my cheeks. At this sound Prim runs in the room. "Whats going on!" Says Prim "I was raised"She says running over and huging me. "Ok here is what I brought you here for. We need to deiced what todo?" Haymitch ignors him and says "No hello for me sweetheart." I want to glare at him but what I do is I hug him. "Johanna how have you been doing." I say "Oh I have been doing well I got married and had two kids Lindesy and Hanny." She says. "Ok so anyway we need you guys to decide if we should put the Hunger Games on Future Vill." He says "I say yes." Says Johanna. "I say NO." says Beetee. "I say yes" says Portria "I agree with Portria" says Cinna. "We agree with Cinna." Says My prep Team. "I say yes." Says Madge. "I say yes." Says Haymitch. "I say No." Says Prim. "I say no also I have Prim and everyone I wanted." I say. Finnick scirbls stuff down in his notes and says "We have are first Future Games when we bulid the areans." He says. I walk out with Prim holding my hand. When we get home I spit out everything to Peeta and the kids. "What Katniss this can't be happing what did you vote." He cries "I said No Peeta I have everyone I wanted."  I feel the nightmares comeing on and wake up screaming to find my daugher snugled up next to me. I get up to check on Rue and Prim. They are sound asleep. I go back to bed and stroke Prims hair being careful not to wake her. When I finaly get ready to go back to bed the T.V flashes on waking Prim up. She snuggles up closer and we watch what the T.V has to say. "Attion Future Vill get ready get set cause your going to The Hunger Games! They will start in three weeks so good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!" It seems Peeta has been watching this also because his face is red hot and so is mine. "Mommy are we going to have to help build the areans." Prim asks. "I hope not sweetie." I say

The End

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