Finnick IS Back with a twist

I take Prims hand as we try to catch a cab to the Police buliding. When we get their the person gives us a mad look and shoves us in. "Are you Katniss." asks a hushed voice. "Yes, and this is my little sister Prim." I say "Follow me" She says. As we walk down a long hallway she points to a room I am to go in. When I walk in the surpires hits me. "Finnick, is it you"I say "How, but, you, you died." I say surspired. "Oh Katniss their you are I'll get to the point they started raising people right after I died and my named poped up on the screen and the raised me. Anyway sit right down in that chair, do you mind if she sists out side." He says "I don't mind" Says Prim as she walks out of the room. "Ok Katniss what we need to talk about is doing Coins last requst. You remeber her don't you." He says as his bronzes hair flys as he walks.  "Anyway her last requst was to start the Hunger Games on the capitol but you see the capitol isn't here anymore thats why we brought you back to deiced where to do them. Oh and sorry for capturing you're friends my apoliges." He says. 

The End

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