The Future Games????

As we pull into 12 we land in the grass part of our house. I pull of the paracute off me and everyone else. Both Prims and Rue run in the house. "Ok Peeta I got a call from Cinna, He said men in Black uniforms came and brought the people from 12 to some place, Oh and their uniforms had a girl in water." I say. Peeta thinks for a moment. "Katniss why havn't you relized this! Girl in water, Girl on Fire!" He says. "Peeta do you think we are going to have to go thur the games again." I ask as I check the mail to make sure their arn't any help messeges in them. "I don't know katniss." He says. I grab a envelop marked with the name The future games. I open the envolpe and read the messege. Dear Katniss Evrdeen. This is a messege is from future vill.  You will have to submit your self to the big buliding marked "Police." right now! "I'll be right back Peeta."I say. "Wait Katniss I wanna go with you!" Says Prim. "Ok Prim, you may come.

The End

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