Do we really have to go thur this again!

I pick up the phone. "Hello, who is this." I ask "I'ts Cinna, Katniss! Some guys in Pitch Black uniforms showed up and where all being brought some where! They won't tell us where we are going. But on there uniforms shows a sign like a girl in water! Katniss get home fast.... Get Prim, Get your Kids, Get Rue and get home! Quick!" He cried. He hung up after that. Peeta noticed my worried Look. "You ok sweetie?" he asked planting a kiss on my check. "No but I'll tell you when I have Prim sitting right next to me." I say quietly. As we pull into Beetes office Prim runs out. I jump out of the car and hugged her. She cried on my shoulder for ten minutes. I placed her in the car, blucked her up next to Rue and me, and we started out. "Hey Beete I need you to get us back to 12 in twenty minutes can you do it." He laughes, presses a button on the car and we are lifted in the Air. "Katniss you know who I am. I can make anything. He says Pressing a button that says Turbo Charge. And where off. Both Prims grab My arms. Rue and Prim start to talk about what 12 looks like today. "Ok People I need you to put these parshutes on and jump out." Beete says. We all looked surprised as he Passed them to us. I starped Prim my daughter in to Peeta. I straped Cinna To me and Rue and Prim I strap together. "Mommy are you sure 'bout this." Prim asks. "I am." I say. We jump

The End

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