Clove was right...Somethings going on.

In my heart I know the real reason that they gave us this room....I killed Coin and Snow two of the people who wanted to keep the hunger games going, I settled peace for both sides.... I'm a hero here. As I walk around are room th take a look at the "House" room. The kids each get their own rooms. So to help Prim read on the train I put signs on all of the bedrooms to show whos room is who's. Peetas teaching Cinna to talk. "Say Mommy Cinna!" Peeta says "Womammy"Repiles Cinna. Peeta makes me get the video cammra an video this, "Say Mommy Cinna." He says. "Mo..Mom.Mommy!" Says Cinna. "Did you get it Katniss?" He asks happily. "I did" I repile. I take a look at Prims room. The first word at pops in my head is WOW! I'ts like she has a hole house in her room, I count ten rooms. The wall paper is white with gold streaks running down. The carpit is made of pink velvet. Her bed ahs her ludge on it. I unpack for her. I go into Rue's room to see what it's like. I't has seven rooms! The whole out of the room is that shes outside in trees. The carpit has fake grass, the walls are big puffy clouds and the celling is the sky. Cinnas room is nothing but a little room with a crib, dresser, and a night stand. As I walk into me and Peetas room the first thing I think is...I hate it!

The End

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